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    Channel 25, classic rock.. I've heard them there from time to time
  2. I'm totally satiated with what Rush have us, and the R40 tour was an improbable blessing. We got to see them do stuff again we thought we would never hear again live. My only gripe is their pussyfooting around the question of to what extent they are "done:. That. Annoys. Me. Just tell us what we can reasonably expect from 'Rush' in some form or other in the future. A single possibly? A limited engagement somewhere playing a short list of old stuff? Don't leave us hanging. Just say you're done as Rush for crisakes Agree...and while we can all see where it appears to be heading, unfortunately, I don't think any of them know, with 100% certainty. Neil appears fully committed to retirement, but historically, management (or the band) have found a chink in the armour and have managed to push the right buttons to get Neil out on the road. Given that's often been the case in the past, it wouldn't surprise me if some in the Rush camp are holding on to that VERY faint hope...hence the reasoning behind no official announcement having been made yet.
  3. Is Rush my favorite band? Yes, they are.
  4. I don't see anywhere to vote now? What gives?
  5. Nice Lucas... Gotta show those rice krispies eatin' fools who's boss. :)
  6. Can't think of a better name for these then Alex, Geddy and Neil https://www.highparkzoo.ca/help-name-baby-capybaras/
  7. I feel exactly the same way. If Moving Pictures were released a couple of years ago, in my opinion, many fans would be losing their minds
  8. To me, a bad album is one that has nothing on it that appeals to me. While I prefer some albums to others, every album has something redeeming so I voted yes.
  9. Prefer Clockwork Angels to Snakes, but with the said, there is some great work on Snakes..Armour and Sword in particular is outstanding.
  10. There is no indication that he has cut ties or disassociated himself with Geddy and Alex. He hasn't done public appearances with them since the 2002 reunion (except rare things like Colbert and their own Hall of Fame induction), so him not going to the Yes thing at the Hall was nothing new. Plus, he doesn't live in the same city, or even country, as Alex and Geddy, so it's not like he can just drop in on them to say hi. You are assuming way too much. Yeah but the RRHOF induction was in HIS country, how d'you think Geddy and Alex got there, it wouldn't hurt to make the occasional effort would it, I mean what else does he do all day? I hope does what anyone else does after they've retired...what they enjoy the most, and whatever they don't enjoy, the least. I believe he's earned that.
  11. Does anyone know where I might find a great audio recording for Kravitz's performance? Haven't found anything as of this morning.
  12. I watched the ceremony last night, and it was great to see Ged and Al... they both look great. For me though, the musical highlight of the night was Lenny Kravitz's arrangement of "When Doves Cry"... It was epic and totally blew me away.
  13. Very good point... Even Ged and Al acknowledge how painful it's become for Neil to play. At some point, enough is enough.
  14. 8 for me...love the bass and drums on that track
  15. I'd have gone with the original recording, but the Rio version that features a shot of Mr. potato head with his arms wide open at the exact moment that Ged sings "in their own image" captures their unique humour perfectly.
  16. I'd agree. If the recent pic of Neil and Mosbach out for dinner in LA is any indication, he looks pretty happy these days. That's the macallan talking. No idea..but he appears happy..and I'm pleased by that.
  17. I'd agree. If the recent pic of Neil and Mosbach out for dinner in LA is any indication, he looks pretty happy these days.
  18. For me, it's always been a toss up between permanent waves and moving pictures...literally a coin toss on any given day. Today, it's mp...ask me tomorrow and you may get a different answer.
  19. I think it's possible that Neil associates regular contact with the guys with likelihood that "more work" would be pending. It strikes me that if there were any significant ongoing contact, Neil might feel some degree of pressure from Ged and Al re doing something together. Same would be true of Ray Danniels...or most anyone else from Rush management. Given that he's gone on record saying he feels that physically he can't do this anymore, I'm not shocked that they're not in contact. Add to that what must be running through Neil's mind....that countless times in the past, in order to please others, he's agreed to do some work when he really didn't feel he wanted to. I'd say he's earned the right to be left alone for a while, if that's what he wants.
  20. Moving Pictures changed my life. Time Machine gets my vote
  21. Oh please. There are enough chops monsters out there that you wouldn't notice a difference. Get one that has even an ounce of groove and it would be a step up. And lyrically, both Victor and MFH were every bit as good as anything Peart ever wrote. I'd bet my house that no one would notice the difference. The issue isn't whether or not someone with great chops could fit the bill..someone likely could. The point that Ged drives home is that HE doesn't want to do anything as Rush unless the 3 of them are on board. That's not to say he wouldn't write, record and play live with someone other than Neil...it just wouldn't be as Rush.
  22. I'd prefer to see it left where it currently is
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