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  1. Not true with Geddy and Alex. I have met them both, and they are super down-to-earth, and just plain wonderful. I used to see Alex quite often at The Orbit Room. (Once having a shot of Tequila with him), and my ex and I won a radio contest and had breakfast with Geddy during the MFH promo tour. To your point however, Geddy, my ex Julie, and I had a wonderful conversation about non Rush stuff. Her son and Geddy's daughter are the same age, so they were talking about kids, and Geddy and I had a great baseball conversation. The thing that impressed me, is that Geddy knows every World Series champion from the early 20's on to today, not only that, but if that champion had a nickname, he knew that as well. (Murders Row, The Big Red Machine, The Family, etc).
  2. After the Snakes and Arrows tour in 2007 at the Gorge, I drove back to Seattle to stay the night at a Holiday Inn. Right there was Neil's tour bus. I however, was hella tired and went to bed. Work up the next morning and the Tour Bus was gone.
  3. I personally see not issues what-so-ever with what Three Eyes said. I got the Starman mask today, and someone said THE EXACT SAME THING!!! I laughed.
  4. Hi Ken, how’s things? Some good, some bad. I've landed a great job with Yahoo (They have a server farm near Buffalo). My wife is undergoing chemo for her third occurrence of cancer in a year. We're super positive about it. Just a strain.
  5. I hear you. Oh please, worrying about Counterparts is like looking at the all new C8 Corvette and wondering whatever happened to that Fiero you used to own. CP has survived a hell of a lot more than we've ever had to deal with. It's been the home of lots of Rush fans for what, almost 20 years? The best is when a server company we were on was bought, and we would be down for a week while they moved the servers from California to New Jersey. 2 months later, we found out the Russian Mob bought the server company, and had everyone's hard drive sitting on the floor, and wanted something like $2k to give us the hard drive back.
  6. This is sorta like seeing a child you gave up for adoption at 12 yrs go into witness protection.
  7. Trin battled hard, and always smiled through his battles. He will be greatly missed.
  8. Most of you have never met Mike Wells, but there may be some of you who were regulars of CP back in the day, who knew the poster of the name "WIndshield Fly". So sorry to say, that Mike, a.k.a. WIndshield Fly passed away last weekend. So for those of you that knew Fly from CP, go out and buy a bag of Funyons and remember his laughter and fun spirit. Fly, you will be missed, and missed big time. :(
  9. Why? :D-13: Well I'm not going to...but using (and misrepresenting) others creative work like that for prmotion without permission nor consent is pure evil. Ok. I can get behind that. What's apparent is someone either in that band or connected with that band has mad video editing skills. Maybe Rush should employ them to do their video's... :drool:
  10. Not that bad. But it's a 4 piece, and I can't wrap my head around a 4 piece Rush cover band.
  11. I don't know about an amusement park, but if Rush started a Pharmacy, the first product sold would be Caress of Steel Viagara.
  12. Tribute Band voting is open. http://www.rushcon.org/tribute/index.html
  13. Thank you everyone! :)
  14. http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/155929_10151352816422017_763049532_n.jpg
  15. DONKEY'S!!! http://www.rushmessageboard.com/images/donkey2.jpg
  16. Thank you 73! A tech from Invision figured out the problem. I was just an observer. ;) There's your answer I believe. I do know that the old board was no longer supported by Invision, and the upgrade (again, just a guess), was necessary to have Invision support incase somethine catastrophic would have happened.
  17. 2 user(s) are reading this topic 2 members, 0 guests, 0 anonymous users KMH, 1-0-0-1-0-0-1 All your message boards are belong to us.
  18. -->[0]--%3Edefault/sad.png"]www.therushforum.com/<!--url[0]-->default/sad.png I think I might have a possible solution, maybe. The path to the folders where the smiles are located is off. I was able to pull this off of Google Chrome. Double check the paths you have for the uploads folder, etc.
  19. It would be great to get an official answer if this is permanent or not. It would be a shame if it is. Some great old threads that are fun to read from time to time when bored. The ones with Joe's Mechanic or Melodic777 (I think that was his name) come to mind. Not speaking for 73, but speaking from my experience with CP, yes. I'm afraid it's a permenant thing with the older quotes.
  20. 73. Go into the ACP, and use the "Live Search" feature, top right. Put in a search for Links. You might find those 2 setting set to no. Switch them to yes, and you might solve most of the problems.
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