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    Clockwork Angels and Different Stages
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    'Circumstances' - MSG - Sep 2007
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    Living Colour, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Led Zep, Anything with Simon Phillips on drums
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  1. Saw him play with John McLaughlin a long time ago. I had never seen anything like that. Simply amazing show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ey9UQOh-Ros
  2. Seeing them in 2 weeks. In the spirit of this thread, I'd love to see 'Son of Alerik', but chances are, no. 'Into the Fire' maybe.
  3. Definitely my fav album of theirs. Depth of Self Delusion is my current choice cut.
  4. Rapture of the Deep is my fav Morse DP album. Check it out!
  5. I didn't do the preorder or fanpack. I picked up a copy of the cd up on Tue in the shops. I order a lot of goodies from Amazon and normally they are very good at getting the stuff delivered downunder in good time.
  6. Telegraph Road is probably my fav DS song.
  7. Brisbane, Australia to nyc. This year it's Brisbane to Chicago.
  8. QUOTE (GoldRush @ Mar 24 2012, 01:59 PM)Rush...Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City (I wish so...) this fall... Cool! Post a review.
  9. Seen season 1. Loved it. I believe it gets better so i'll definitely check it out further. As a government worker, i appreciate this shows scary accuracy.
  10. Have a great one and a great birthday too.
  11. And yes change a member for the 18th time. Wow, i didn't see that coming. It must immediately suck if jon anderson isn't singing. I mean, why even bother giving it a chance?
  12. Nothing until April. G3 with vai, satch and lukather.
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