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  1. :smoke: :smoke: :smoke: Tully!! :smoke: :smoke: :smoke: Hey There You Party Animal.. :hi:
  2. High There.. :smoke: Has been some time, back with the update I had issues with the View New Content and still do, that's why I'm not around very much. But I just noticed also that I don't show up in the Anniversary Dates.. :fuckinputer: Been a member since April 20th 2008. :P Happy 4:20 :smoke:
  3. Ahhhhhhhhhh, :smoke: Nice one to dig up... :codger: Hope you are all well on this fine 4:20 :smoke: Doing really good here in Colorado.. ;)
  4. Hope your day is good, send any snow you don't want here to the Southwest... :codger: Cheers...
  5. Burn for me and I'll burn for you... :smoke: :D
  6. :codger: I'm late for the party Rider..... Tell that :pussy: lady Donna Happy Birthday, Hope she had a great day..... :yay: :cheerleader: :banana: :geddy:
  7. :dweez: :codger: Happy Anniversary Rider... :smoke: :7up: :cheers:
  8. :codger: Thanks Again Friends.... :smoke: :cheers:
  9. :codger: Hey Old guy.. Welcome to the Old Guys Club!! :D-13: Old Guys Rules.. Hope you had a great day... :cheers:
  10. Happy Birthday fellow May 19th baby.... :hail: :smoke: :7up: :cheers: Hope you had a great day..... Be Safe...
  11. Thanks you guys.... :smoke: Was a good day, went for a ride in the old car and got toms and peppers for the garden and a pound of Wild Alaska Salmon for me... :D :7up: Thanks Again... Be Safe.. :codger:
  12. :codger: Happy Hemp Day.. Oh Hump Day... :laughing guy: :smoke: :smoke:
  13. Thanks CygnusGal and it was a good day... :smoke: :smoke:
  14. Thanks Friends BabyCat ridertoo98 :d13: :haz: :smoke: Your_Lion :smoke: :7up: snowdogged Puff Pass :smoke: BeHoBe Bob :cheers: Chicken Hawk IL Snowdog you SkiDog :haz: Rushman14 LyndseyG Thanks Rush Fans... Have a Safe Summer Now.. and RUSH Out!!! :guitar: :smoke:
  15. :cheers: HollywoodMan14, I mean Mr. Rush.. Hope you had a great day there in Hollywood Land.. :d13: :smoke:
  16. :smoke: HIGH Friends.... LOL.. Thanks. I think TRF clock is high... LOL Member Since 20 Apr 2008 :cheers:
  17. Nice :smoke: Up In Smoke was so funny...
  18. Happy 420... :smoke: :7up: :ebert: :smoke:
  19. :smoke: Turn up the music and smile... :guitar:
  20. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr... 60 degrees and my snow is melting on the slopes and we need more bad, just for the water.... :D-13:
  21. It was originally put in place (idea suggested by Ben Franklin I believe) to save energy by keeping daylight during useful parts of the day. However, at this point, it is certainly obsolete. :( Yes it was Uncle Ben that started it and it was GW Bush that added a month to it, 3 weeks early and a week longer and yes it is obsolete and stupid.. Get rid of it..
  22. Have a GREAT Day Hunter.... :codger: :hail: :7up:
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