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  1. DANG Guys.. Only been a very short time since they did a tour and a album release. Jethro Tull has not released a new album in 10 years and in that 10 years they have played near the same set list. EVERYTIME and do that tour every year..... New Tull Tour > Blotted Cat Fish Floating Rush Tour > RUSH 2010 thru 2012 What ever it is we get NEW MUSIC...
  2. As a kid I grew up in NBC as that is where dad worked. Got to sit in on the Laugh-In set many times.
  3. That's it for me this year.. Jethro Tull? >
  4. YEP!! I go to RUSH alone my wife don't like them.. LOL So I'll buy 2 tickets and then post that i have one and look for a new friend that way or I'll just look for a single lookin for a ticket, new friend. I have never been stuck with a ticket, always sell it to someone. I don't mind going alone as you are never alone, many new friends all around you....
  5. Tucker on his way to Idaho to ski.... http://photos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs175.snc3/20241_1234118611171_1175357160_30598757_7802170_n.jpg
  6. 1st and foremost is Ski Bum... oh work? like a job? Spent 27 years in food service at ski areas. In the winter feed skiers, in the summer do weddings.. After 18 years in the service. I'm a retired Wildland Fire Fighter. I now work part time in retail sales and ski as much as I can..
  7. April 29th in Albuquerque NM.. What a show, the boys did a great job all around ~ IMHO They ROCKed out with a set list of 28 songs and a solo by Neil. Light show and vid's for back ground where also great. Loved the fire balls from behind the set. They had cams set and zoomed in on them at the right time, Geddy's and Lifeson's fingers and the shots on Neil's solo, outstanding. Had there been a roof on the place they would of brought it down. As it was they tore a hole in the sky. Played many off the new CD Snakes & Arrows. RUSH Rocks..
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