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  1. I recently attended a conference where the main speaker informed us that he was going to give a speech on humility but decided to save it for a larger audience.
  2. Really great! One of the best Batman stories ever told.
  3. Excellent movie, very highly recommended.
  4. I've never heard that about Octopus' Garden. You may be on to something with that!
  5. Am I alone in thinking that this season is not as good as the first two?
  6. Hope you're doing well, Brother Earl!
  7. Technology is an excellent servant, but a very poor master.
  8. I've been hearing great things about Black. If you've seen it, what do you think?
  9. How've you been, sir? Above ground and breathing the good air. How are you? More Blessed than I deserve, that's for sure! :D Nice to see you!
  10. Wow, your Father was truly privileged to have been a part of such an incredible operation.
  11. My Paternal Grandfather (who I lost in 1986 and still miss to this day) was a Marine and fought at both Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima. At Iwo Jima, he was in a fighting hole with his best friend and an enemy soldier lobbed a grenade that landed in the hole. My Grandfather watched his best friend throw himself on the grenade to save his life. He only ever told my Grandmother that, and I got the information second-hand from her. As a result of this, my Grandfather grappled with alcoholism for most of his adult life and I certainly understand why. My Father and I both have also had our issues with alcoholism, so not only did my Grandfather have the survivor's guilt to deal with, there was also a genetic predisposition. I miss you a lot, Grandpa, and I can't wait until I see you again, I have so much I want to tell you.
  12. I am Ron Swanson (I even own a Claymore). That is all.
  13. Jack Ryan. Very good show and I'm a big John Kraczynski fan so that helps.
  14. The show was indeed fantastic, but it didn't make me laugh even a quarter as much as the book did.
  15. Happy Anniversary, Fridge! You're an asset to this forum!
  16. Welcome to the club! Get ready to become good friends with pain medication. Whether it be over-the-counter or prescription, you'll get there. If you're not already, that is.
  17. You'll find that you heal quicker and lose weight easier. Brilliant! Hahahaha! That was great. :) Indeed! :D
  18. Happy Birthday, Brother Earl! It's always a pleasure reading your posts. May it be the best Birthday you've ever enjoyed & save me some cake!
  19. Looks killer! It was and I certainly recommend it. It's not quite what you expect and I dig that.
  20. This looks like a fascinating look at what the music industry has become. Available on disc tomorrow, not sure if it'll be on demand or any other service, you'll have to check.
  21. It's in the 70's here, too, but it's gonna cool down to 50 this weekend. Happy Birthday to your wife! St. Augustine is a beautiful town, been there a few times.
  22. Jack! How goes it? :hi: You know, I still have that copy of Hemmingway's Chair you sent when we had that Monty Python writing contest a million years ago! :) Outstanding! I hope you enjoyed it!
  23. Hey, how's everybody doing? All is well at Casa Aubrey.
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