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  1. QUOTE (circumstantial tree @ Dec 9 2009, 11:55 AM) As far as I'm concerned, Neil is only 33% of the band. Rush made good music even before he joined. My opinion of course. I never claimed that their debut album wasn't good.
  2. QUOTE (circumstantial tree @ Dec 9 2009, 11:46 AM) QUOTE (rushgoober @ Dec 9 2009, 11:43 AM) QUOTE (savagegrace26 @ Dec 9 2009, 09:22 AM) QUOTE (rushgoober @ Dec 9 2009, 09:11 AM) QUOTE (jdouglas @ Dec 9 2009, 06:25 AM) Why is there no love for the 1st album here? I don't get the hate for this album either - it rocks and it's awesome. Maybe, but it doesn't really have the qualities for why we love Rush. Who's this "we?" I'm part of "we" and I love it, so it does have some of the qualities of why I love Rush. I guess the 'we' who rank it low.
  3. QUOTE (rushgoober @ Dec 9 2009, 09:11 AM) QUOTE (jdouglas @ Dec 9 2009, 06:25 AM) Why is there no love for the 1st album here? I don't get the hate for this album either - it rocks and it's awesome. Maybe, but it doesn't really have the qualities for why we love Rush. It's like a different band. I'd listen to Roll the Bones over it any day.
  4. 1. Permanent Waves - A 2. Moving Pictures - A 3. Presto - A 4. Signals - A- 5. Grace Under Pressure - A- 6. A Farewell to Kings - A- 7. Hemispheres - A- 8. 2112 - B+ 9. Counterparts - B+ 10. Power Windows - B+ 11. Hold Your Fire - B 12. Snakes & Arrows - B 13. Test for Echo - B 14. Vapor Trails - B 15. Fly by Night - B 16. Caress of Steel - B- 17. Roll the Bones - C+ 18. Rush - C
  5. "I'm not assuming ANYTHING..I didn't post this thread! I'm reflecting what was implied in the first post..if you read it you will see." I will admit that I assumed that you are the thread creator. My mistake. "You say I'm assuming what Geddy meant in his statement..then you follow with your explanation of what Geddy meant!" I don't really know what he meant and I don't really care. I'm not assuming what he meant but it's obvious that he didn't mean what you think it means. "Is it safe to say part of Geddy's taste is Prog..or prog-like music?..of course it is." Is it safe to say that Geddy is a fan of prog music? Probably. I think i've read somewhere that he likes Yes, but I've also read that he likes (or liked) Bjork. "And did Springsteen state that his early stuff was prog-like?..yes he did..read it!" And you're assuming that Geddy is aware of this statement or that Geddy is even aware of Springsteen's early work. Based on Geddy's statement, his apparent awareness of Springsteen is limited to what he happens to hear on the radio. "If anything, you're the one grasping at straws somehow trying to prove me wrong about nothing! Doesn't make sense." I'm not trying to prove anything. I'm just reducing these claims to their core elements. "This thread was started just to show an amuzing little tidbit of speculation..nothing factual or serious here! " Is this discussion that serious? I wasn't aware of that. "And where does he say anything about "Pop music" ???" Nowhere. Geddy is referring to Springsteen's style. Wouldn't Springsteen's popular mainstream style/genre be considered Pop music, or perhaps Pop Rock? Regardless, it certainly isn't Progressive Rock. And style can mean much more than Pop Prog or whatever. Maybe Geddy just doesn't like the way his music sounds and has nothing to do with it's classification. "Who's creating their own meaning here?" I haven't created anything. Just taking Geddy's statement for what it is. "C'mon man...if you're going to try to prove me wrong or "assume" I'm assuming anything..don't contradict yourself doing it. Destroys your whole point." I'm not trying to prove anything and I don't think I've contradicted myself. You seem to be trying to create different meanings for what I'm saying or trying to create contradictions. At least you're consistent....
  6. "...and yes not all..but MANY consider Rush to have been clasified as "prog-rock"." Yes, but does Geddy consider himself a "progger"? Since he was the one who made the comment, only how he defines his own music matters. His comment seemed to merely pointing out that he doesn't listen to Springsteen's style of pop music. There doesn't seem to be anything regarding progressive rock in Geddy's statement. That is a meaning you're trying to create on your own.
  7. " ...and..quote me on writing anything remotely to fact of claiming Geddy ONLY listens to prog-rock. Missed the whole concept and point bro." Regardless if I did, you're assuming that Geddy's comment had anything to do with Springsteen's assertion that he had elements of prog early in his career. Geddy said Springsteen's music was not his style, and Springsteen's music has largely had nothing to do with prog. So any connections you're finding is grasping at straws at best.
  8. QUOTE (Shogun @ Dec 3 2009, 05:40 AM) QUOTE (ReRushed @ Dec 2 2009, 09:31 PM) Geddy says he respects Springsteen but his style of music isn't his thing. Okay. I see no connection. Geddy did not "shoot down" what Springsteen said. Listen to "Rosalita" and you'll hear what Springsteen is talking about. Yeah, it's not "Thick as a Brick" but it's pretty intense. First of all..I didn't mean "shoot down" in a malicious negative way. Second..If Springsteen is claiming his "style" to have been prog-like and Geddy(a prog'er) is saying his "style" is not his thing....uhmmm..what's that saying? Like when a new band comes out claiming to be Rush-like..then you listen to them and they're more Billy Idol-like. So if I had to make a politically correct public opinion on it, it would be what Geddy said..."just not my thing". Whatever... Man.. I love trying to micro-edit thoughts on threads...soooo worth the time. Hmmm, is prog rock really a 'style'? And how long has it been since since Rush has really been a 'prog rock' band? Sorry, no connection. You're trying to make it seem like 'Prog rock' is the only 'style' Geddy listens to. I doubt that.
  9. I'm just curious as to what type of movies Rush fans like. Pick as many as you want. My list (alphabetical order): 12 Angry Men 21 Grams 2001: A Space Odyssey Armacord Barry Lyndon Being There Belle de Jour The Birds Boogie Nights Children of Men Citizen Kane City of God Close Encounters of the Third Kind The Conformist Cries and Whispers The Empire Strikes Back Eyes Wide Shut Fantasia Forbidden Planet The Graduate The King of Comedy Jaws Lifeboat Little Big Man The Lives of Others Magnolia Midnight Run Minority Report Miracle on 34th Street The Mosquito Coast Nuovo Cinema Paradiso O Lucky Man! Once Upon a Time in America The Out of Towners (original) Paper Moon Paths of Glory Pinocchio Raiders of the Lost Ark Requiem for a Dream Repulsion The Right Stuff Seconds (1966) Seven Samurai Shine A Shot in the Dark Some Like It Hot The Truman Show Ugetsu monogatari Vertigo Young Frankenstein
  10. QUOTE (goose @ Jul 25 2009, 12:27 AM) QUOTE (Mara @ Jul 24 2009, 12:24 PM) QUOTE (Fridge @ Jul 24 2009, 07:48 AM) This has the potential to be absolutely amazing or a pile of steaming dogs eggs.... I'm delighted that Tim Burton is directing as he is more likely to inject a certain gothic element which the original book was certainly intended to have. Yep, Disney was way far off! My only hesitation is that Burton can take that dark element too far. Yeah, Burton can take the goth thing to a boring, cliched extreme. Just saw Coraline, and thought he struck a nice balance there. Burton had nothing to do with Coraline.
  11. QUOTE (trick_and_secret @ Aug 17 2008, 05:14 AM) For a start I'd rename Lock and Key The Killer Instinct... then I'd shorten I Think I'm Going Bald to OHSHITI'MBALD... and Madrigal would be... heck, anything except Madrigal.... Open Secrets would be something else, probably Feelings.... Turn the Page would be Time Capsule.... Vital Sign would be Mixed Feelings (favourite line of the song, Everybody's got mixed feelings)... Entre Nous is fine but would make more sense as Between Us because as far as I'm aware there's no French in this song (unlike Circumstances)... well, there's more but I can't be bothered to write all of it Came here to post Lock & Key--->Killer Instinct. Always seemed like a natural title for that song. Open Secrets and Vital Signs are awesome titles and no Rush song should ever have "feelings" in the title.
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