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  1. QUOTE (Show Don't Tell @ Mar 25 2008, 07:35 AM) Marathon is not over. You can do a lot in a life time That's right! Sorry! Even when I play this on bass I always forget this part! We'll put a pause on Jacob's Ladder You can make the most of the distance
  2. I know!!! Marathon and Jacobs Ladder man.....amazing Speaking of which, Marathon is done so I'll start the next song The clouds prepare for battle....
  3. The peak is never passed Something always fires that light that gets in your eyes! ONE MO-...
  4. More than just the bottom line or a lucky SHOT in the dark... IN THE LONG RUUUUN
  5. You know you're a Rush fan when.. You spend 9 days downloading a bootleg DVD, get 6 viruses from it, and have to reinstall Windows (that sucked...good dvd though) When you spend countless hours putting together a jigsaw puzzle of Moving Pictures to hang it on your wall. When you finish that, you buy a Puzz3D of the CN Tower JUST because it's in Toronto... When your favourite bass is a Geddy Lee signature Jazz Bass When you paint a giant mural on your wall of Rush's first album cover..
  6. But nobody gets a freeee ride! It's more than high performance...
  7. Hold Your Fire A Show of Hands (do live albums count?) If not, Power Windows
  8. QUOTE (Show Don't Tell @ Mar 24 2008, 08:32 PM) That gets in your eyes (PS - Best song evah! ) Not quite yet... You can rest at the side of the road This would be me at the side of the road during a Marathon! haha
  9. QUOTE (Choose/the/light @ Mar 24 2008, 07:51 PM) QUOTE (Tarkus406 @ Mar 24 2008, 04:26 PM) Well I didn't get to go either and I'm here now so I'll just do it. This may be easy, i dunno |------------------------------------| |------------------------------------| |--0---0---0---0--0----------------| |--2---0---3---0--2----------------| |--3-------3-------3----------------| |------3--------3-------------------| sorry for the choppyness 2112? Sorry, no Give it another shot
  10. That gets in your eyes.. One moments high and glory rolls on by Like a streak of lightning That flashes and fades in the summer sky We done with Marathon yet?
  11. Well I didn't get to go either and I'm here now so I'll just do it. This may be easy, i dunno |------------------------------------| |------------------------------------| |--0---0---0---0--0----------------| |--2---0---3---0--2----------------| |--3-------3-------3----------------| |------3--------3-------------------| sorry for the choppyness
  12. If you want to stay in the race! It's more than blind ambition...
  13. It's more than just survival More than just a flash More than just a dotted line More than just a DASH God I hope they play that song again
  14. Funny, and I just learned how to play Camera Eye like...yesterday. What the hell, everybody's dead. I wanna play!
  15. im just gonna take a stab without playing it...Superconductor?
  16. hmmmm "weave the fabric of our dreams" Jacob's Ladder?
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