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    Breed and show British Shorthair pedigree cats... Television, music...travel...

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    SLC July 31, 2013
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    Spirit of Radio
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    Moving Pictures
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    All of them!!!!
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    Doobie Brothers, The Mavericks, wight Yoakam
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    Drums.....many, many, many years ago
  1. Dang...I sure was hoping for "C" in Vegas...YYZ is one of my favorites.. . But glad to be seeing them one more time anyway!
  2. If the predicted holds true, I'll see B at ALL three shows...ugh! My least favorite too. I know..whine, whine... It would just be nice to get a different setlist for at least one of the shows... Hoping they'll start KC with A again...:-)
  3. Just saw the beginning of the new "Revolution" and a fellow was playing an acoustic guitar, playing "Tom Sawyer"..,.way too cool!!!!! About 5 min in...
  4. Nice rendition of 'Subdivisions' at the Stanley Cup game by the TD Garden organist!
  5. I sent my license plate (RUSH1) to the Idaho Center, figured a smaller venue would work....sent to Neil I think....got it signed, back within a week....of course can't put it on the car now...ha! I did weigh it and get a tracking #.
  6. What I'm talking about is Fox Biz coming back from a commercial break, playing "Closer to the Heart" on a wide shot of Cleveland....then did an interview at the RRHOF... I thought it was hilarious...very ironic that someone at Fox Biz would play a RUSH song in the segment of the RRHOF interview.. Is that clearer???
  7. Sorry if this has already been posted but I almost fell down laughing...a bump from break with "Closer to the Heart" as the bump music....then I realized Liz Claman of Fox Biz was at the RRHOF doing an interview with the Pres. of RRHOF....someone at Fox Biz has a fabulous sense of humor...how ironic and appropriate. Made my Day! Rush was not mentioned during the interview, so it wasn't about potential nominees... WAY too funny!! WTG!
  8. yes you did...and I rechecked it with a recorded copy...LOL!
  9. Rush1


    Just a hint of "The Anarchist" leading to that first break on Sunday Night Football... Nice going NBC...;-)!
  10. Not that bad....these guys need your vote to appear on TV after the Superbowl in SLC, UT! http://www.facebook.com/ksltv?sk=app_10772...22mid%22%3A721]
  11. Absolutely The Spirit of Radio....we'd play air guitar to it....and I'm still loving it...over 30 years later!
  12. Rush1

    RUSH ref in CHUCK

    About 6 min...sorry for the East Coasters....West can find it...or NBC.com later? Asks RUSH's best album....the guy answers..."Caress of Steel" quick, but cute!
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