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  1. being in the south I have generally grilled lobster with pretty good results. Don;t do it too often but sometimes it gets over cooked and winds up on the tough side.


    When it comes to boiling or steaming lobster, tried that too but my experience has been this: Tail coils up and the little 'swimmers" on the underside of the tail and the 'crossmembers are a bitch to remove when it finally gets to the table.


    Does anyone have any tips for a) keeping the tail straight (how do restarants seem to do it) and cool.gif getting the damn thing apart?



  2. QUOTE (iluvgeddy05 @ Jul 15 2012, 06:35 AM)
    They are garbage, but I tune in occasionally. Like a previous poster said, it's cheap entertainment, akin to reading a trashy novel on the beach, or watching Jerry Springer. Actually, reality shows like this really are the modern day trash talk show IMO.

    Sorry the OP may think less of his wife because of what she watches on TV sad.gif

    For the record, I have a masters degree and work for an Ivy league institution. Technically I shouldn't be watched such trash, but hey, it happens. I don't let show schedules dictate my life, however.

    i have to say I do think less of her because of it. Just as she would think less of me if I were fascinated by trash.


    She owns her own real estate brokerage and is quite intelligent and as another poster said, its an escape.


    But I don;t see how manufactured controversy and conflict does anything for one's mental well being

  3. QUOTE (Pound of Obscure @ Jul 19 2012, 12:31 PM)
    QUOTE (briremo @ Jul 18 2012, 06:04 PM)
    i honestly think it sucks that there aren't more opportunities to the average guy. There is room for more.

    Its because they don't want to meet us.


    Would you want to meet us?


  4. i honestly think it sucks that there aren't more opportunities to the average guy. There is room for more.


    I have a business assoc. who's brother runs a Ruth's Chris. He got Ray, Alex and Ged and family a table on a last minute deal on Valentine's Day about 6 years or so ago. 6 months later when RUSH came to Orlando, out of the blue he was given 2nd row seats and a meet and greet. great for them


    I've been emailing people for the last 4 weeks, trying to start relationships and make contacts. Maybe it will pay off. Probably will not.

  5. QUOTE (LedRush @ Jul 18 2012, 09:57 AM)
    QUOTE (Snow-Dog2112 @ Jul 18 2012, 12:37 AM)
    you need to buy the passes, you can get them in a pack with the tickets. youll also get a tour tshirt, tour book, cd, ETC...

    Where can you buy the passes?

    you cant buy them. You can buy the VIP package "for a chance" at a meet and greet. One lucky winner per tour stop. fists crying.gif

  6. QUOTE (ReflectedLight @ Jul 16 2012, 03:05 PM)
    QUOTE (They Bow Defeated @ Jul 16 2012, 02:05 PM)
    QUOTE (ReflectedLight @ Jul 15 2012, 01:44 PM)
    all i know is with the strings added to the show, i'm definitely looking at the setlist.

    Does this mean that you'll consider not attending if there are too many songs with strings?


    Or that you'll be taking one of your famous bathroom breaks during all the songs with strings?



    i have a ticket that was bought for me already but i just want to know beforehand if they are going to be adding strings to songs other than the ones on ca. take for example neils big band part of the drum solo. i like big band music on occasion but i don't like big band music in neils solo.

    Big Band music does not have strings.


    Brass and reed baby! Trumpets, sax, trombone, etc.



  7. I am still amazed at the tunnel vision some people have about the strings.


    A small ensemble used sparingly in songs that are recorded with strings is completely appropriate and will add to the overall experience, not distract or damage it.


    Some of you sound like little children being dragged to the symphony by your parents. Quit crying about it. Go and enjoy the experience and try to open your little brains to new experiences.



  8. you can know people


    or as I've done after a decade of trying...


    you can forget about it.


    I've contacted management, I've tried to get in with his entourage, I've contacted the venue, anything I can to be one of the 40 or so people who get 10 seconds to shake a hand and say thanks


    no luck.


    Personally, I effing hate the system. There are people in here that seem to have unlimited access (which I don't fault) and multiple pics of them with the band, yet I can't even buy a guarantee. If you buy the VIP pack you get "a chance" for it. Sorry, Did that 4 times with no success.


    I was at the venue in WPB once the morning of the show, chatted up crew, spoke to HU (pretty sure) and could not get in.


    Great people, wall of denial... sucks



  9. QUOTE (GeminiRising79 @ Jul 9 2012, 03:19 PM)
    I've only heard the lo-res youtube version of CA, and I refuse to purchase the CD based on my initial reaction to it. If anyone would be willing to point me to a good quality recording, I will give a fair listen and see if it "blooms" after a week. If I do see some early glimmers and it grows on me, like so many of you insist, I will buy the CD. If not, I will give an in-depth critique of each song, and the album as a whole. Thank u,


    I've refrained from addressing you in the past because you are a bottom feeder of gargantuan proportions and only interested up-chucking idiocy.


    You're posting about a $13 CD. Buy it, don't buy it. We don't give a f**k.


    You contribute nothing. think about that. your sole purpose in life is to be an asshole. Just because people are responding doesn't mean people like you. Attention is not friendship. Get a good therapist.


    leave, please. just leave.


  10. QUOTE (micgtr71 @ Jun 22 2012, 07:17 PM)
    Ok, I am a vinyl fan. I purchased every album (except RTB through VT) in this format when they were released. The vinyl is much more dynamic and that may be due to the amplifier/speakers involved.

    First, I love the packaging. Heavy 180 gram discs are amazing. I love the clock showing 1 o'clock through 4 o'clock for the four sides. The gatefold brings me back to the glory days of vinyl. I almost wish the cover was a bit more ornate to use that medium a bit more.

    The sound is amazing. It is much more warm and dynamic. It doesn't feel like I am being hit in the face. Though it was almost 3 times the price of the cd opening week, I feel that it is worth it for the sound. This is Geddy's best bass sound in years.

    I just wanted to share this because it made me feel like I was a kid again. Anyone else get the vinyl and felt transported back to the days of your youth? Please share.

    for us geeky audiophiles in the crowd, please describe your gear!


  11. my wife watches these shows. I don't.


    Tonight I sat in the tub with her and watched an episode of this garbage. I can't believe I married someone who is interested in this dreck. What a colossal waste of time and resources.


    Stupid people, being petty, fighting about bullshit and airing their idiocy for the world to see. WTF is wrong with people? Isnt there something more interesting to do with your lives?


    062802puke_prv.gif banghead.gif

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