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  1. The Camera Eye kicks friggin ass. I can't get enough. I never really listened that much...
  2. QUOTE (Cyclops @ Jun 17 2010, 03:01 PM) I've got tickets to the very last show of the tour, Oct 2, West Palm Beach. It is sad that I wake up every day excited that the wait is one day shorter? Or that I get because I have to wait? Is that you Ray? It's me, Brian! I CANNOT wait and looking forward to seeing you there. I haven't listened to my MP in ages because I hear those same songs all the time (YYZ, Limelight, TS etc) but I put on TCE yesterday and am just freaking cranking it! God I love it!
  3. I wait for the intermission
  4. I'm real happy he's away from the Paul Reed Smith's for now. I love the Les Pauls. His interview with Gibson.com is nice. Thanks to my audiophile editor/buddy Rober Archer.
  5. Is Mr. Thomnus going with you or the evil bitch the white witch. I hate her! Oh wait, I thought you said "Narnia". Sorry.
  6. QUOTE (cygnus_thegodofbalance @ Jun 14 2010, 08:36 PM) There's no way that can be the final product...the dialogue is PHUCKING HORRIBLE!! Cmon, how do you think the dialogue would have read for the Jerry Stiller intro? That happens to be the greatest of all time!
  7. soaring guitar at the end of Mission just overwhelms me. The lyrics are so inspiring it honestly brings a tear to my eyes and i get chocked up. Hold Your Fire is one of my favorite albums. "Fawn eyed girl with sun browned legs dancing on the edge of his dreams" has me thinking of Heather Thompson in 10th grade (which was 1980 for me). I remember her sitting on a picnic table in the sun in tight white short-shorts with her long tan legs pulled in tight so she could paint her toenails. tiny blonde hairs on her legs glistening in the sun. Yes, I grew up on the beach in So FL. I can smell her strawberry lip gloss now. 2112, "just think of what my life might be in a world like I have seen!" the first time I heard this (or RUSH for that matter) I was skipping school in 7th grade and went to my friends house and listened to his brothers album and smoked a roach from a pie tin under his bed. Not one with legs. we smoked it while listening to the first side then stared at the cieling while side two played introducing me to RUSH's glory
  8. One major problem with your setlist, When they did the entire side of 2112 back in 97 I think, they did the whole side without a break and I can't see them splitting up MP into two sets. Also, I see them doing Caravan and BU2B together as twins.
  9. I was 3rd row in front of Alex last tour and had the best time ever! He was hamming it up with everyone in the crowd and having a blast. I even caught a tshirt he threw out at the encore.
  10. where should i buy from day of show? at the counter? I'd be afraid I couldn't get anything that close or together. Thanks for your help by the way!
  11. yeah I saw that. dont quite have $1200 beans for that. I'll keep trying. Anybody else let me know.
  12. Trying to find three tickets for me and my boys (literally 14 & 11). Pay up to $750 for something in Sec 3 row T or better. Thanks!
  13. I am PISSED! I have been watching the pressale emails since they started showing up and somehow I missed the notification for the WPB/Tampa shows and now I'm screwed. No good seats.
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