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  1. The concert in St. Louis was bad asss !!!!!!!
  2. I just had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Denver Colorado, after a 4:20 rally, which was badassss! Of all tables to sit at, we got the table with Alex's guitar! Long story. That was SOOOOO cooool!!!!! Will post pix........
  3. Getting the car ready for a drive from St. Louis to Denver. There's a convention I'm gonna catch at about 4:20. The mile high high. whatever.......
  4. My little girl was in her first auto accident yesterday and it wasn't her fault. It was only a fender bender but it really makes a guy wake up when his 16 yr. old daughter is in a car crash. GOD DAMN I worry SOOOOO MUCH about her when she's out on he road. I'm a dad. What else can I say??????
  5. I took my kids to a monster truck show tonight with the Grave Digger and all the big shots. Good show! Very LOUD!!! We flew over the venue on December 20th in a Cessna 172 and talked about it as we were flying over it. Good times with my kids. That sh!t just never gets old!!!!!
  6. i'm the bartender. drink anyone????? Took my kids flying this morning. We flew over St. Louis and saw the Arch, the rivers, the city as a whole and a bunch of other things. What a good time we had. Landing was a little tricky tough with an 18 mph crosswind but I did it. It's been a good day!
  7. One of my best hunting buddies died last night from an accidental self inflicted gun shot wound to the head. WTF!!!!!!! What??????? Why did this happen??
  8. One of my best hunting buddies died last night from an accidental self inflicted gun shot wound to the head. WTF!!!!!!! What??????? Why did this happen??
  9. Another sleepless night. I hate those nights.
  10. I may be an asshole, but I am NOT a jerk!!! There's a difference. Let's get that straight......
  11. The heat! My car said 101. Thank God for A/C. Nuff said......
  12. The cops didn't catch me this time. I got away...those stupid bastards!
  13. The riots and looting in Ferguson, Mo. just a few short miles from where I live. Anybody keeping up with the story about the cop shooting a man DEAD while that man was giving up with his hands in the air? That man was shot 7 TIMES (unarmed) on his way to the ground after giving up after a struggle with the cop in question. If you know the story, give us your thoughts. Watch the story first. I will express my thoughts later because I don't like cops AT ALL!!!!!!!
  14. Best of birthdays to ya treeduck!!! (keep looking up) The things you might see are amazing! You of all people already know that...
  15. missionman


    Boobs or boobies is much better than "titties" and words like that. Boobs or boobies is a much more tasteful of a word for them. Either way, I like them! I'm a guy...
  16. I got pulled over AGAIN! For NO reason! Why is karma like that???? I do good and bad comes back to me five fold. I guess trouble just follows a man.
  17. I built a pre-fab shed today for somebody I don't even know and never even met to store stuff that was willed to him from his brother that died from a stroke a week or so ago. It made me feel good to do that for him. I like doing those things for people. Whatever.......long story....
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