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  1. QUOTE (Rolinda Bonz @ Aug 16 2010, 08:40 PM) and many of those females are old enough to be your mother. That's the truth!
  2. I'm glad this thread got bumped, it's hilarious.
  3. QUOTE (rushfan676 @ Aug 2 2010, 05:52 PM) Found the link to the original picture Thanks! K
  4. I think it's cool, all the new fans! And old fans new to TRF! K
  5. It was so long ago - at least 35 years - that I've forgotten how I got hooked. I think it was Caress of Steel, Fountain of Lamneth. 2112 clinched it. Something like that. K
  6. What a great pic! If someone ends up posting it here I think I'd like to get that too. Cool colors... K
  7. I wonder where all the thirty-somethings are? 47 here. K
  8. I think the whole thing was sequenced; his right hand doesn't appear to be playing anything before he moves it. Probably initiated the sequence with his foot. That's just a wild guess...
  9. QUOTE (Rushchick10 @ Jul 5 2010, 07:33 PM)(not fishing for pity here) I have been in a bit of a depression lately. My marriage has been rocky, and I have not been happy at all...except for Rush. Rush makes me happy! For the first time since the Snakes and Arrows tour in '08, I am looking forward to something! I can't wait to see them again! I will see them twice within a week or so...and I will catch another show if I am able. I also am in the early stages of planning for a trip to Toronto next summer for the tour and (hopefully!) a RushCon. Between my son and Rush, I have something to care about. I wouldn't have a reason if it wasn't for those two things. I have been pretty deep in my depression lately. Everything else seems to fall away when I sit with my son and listen to Rush. And, suddenly, I have something to live for. So, needless to say, Rush makes me cry! I get misty eyed at EVERY concert I attend! I love Rush... Rush has gotten me through some terrible times too so I understand what you're feeling. Hang in there. Kismet
  10. blech. this is one thread that didn't need bumping... K
  11. I'd have to say Nobody's Hero used to choke me up a bit. Subdivisions also. But no outright crying, K
  12. QUOTE (DetachedandSubdivided @ Jun 24 2010, 04:31 PM) I guess I look at it like this - there will be time enough to sit on my ass when I get in my car to drive home. And all that sitting while driving in to the show - doesn't come to Memphis often so there's always a long haul down to Dallas or up to St. Louis if I want to see them. It's just Dallas this time around...
  13. QUOTE (Ya_Big_Tree @ May 21 2010, 11:59 AM) One day I will figure out a way to paint my toenails without it looking like someone with parkinsons did it. so true!
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