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  1. I can relate to parts of The Anarchist. "A missing part of me that grows around me like a cage" really resonates deeply with me.
  2. I was 14 when I got into Rush. I had juuuust missed R30.
  3. QUOTE (Soni @ Jul 5 2012, 06:54 AM) Whatever you do, don't start with tatoos... that sh*t is addictive . I like the idea of tattoos. I want to get one but I want to put a lot of thought into it. Piercings you can just take out and they're gone. Tattoos are forever.
  4. I feel better about it now. I wore it out to the bar the way it is. Gunna get something new pierced to replace the hole in my heart.
  5. QUOTE (Chicken hawk @ Jul 4 2012, 12:28 PM) Let it heal and you can always try it again. That part of the ear is the toughest to heal. Believe me ..i know. I think I'm gunna try again on the other ear, but I'm gunna just let myself think about it for at least 6 months before I do it again. Industrials are a huge pain in the ass, even though I love them. I had this one for about 10 and a half months.
  6. I just found out that my industrial piercing migrated pretty severely... So I had to take it out. The top piercing was the problem, the bottom one is fine I know no one probably cares about my piercing woes but I need some comfort as I am totally heartbroken about it right now. It was easily my favorite piercing. It also cost me about 60 bucks so... Before : http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y251/RushCultist2112/industrial.jpg After : http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y251/RushCultist2112/0704121236.jpg I'm gunna go sink into depression now.
  7. I wear Rush to see Rush. I've worn a tshirt of the same band I'm seeing to other concerts as well, but Rush is a must. Otherwise, it doesn't matter.
  8. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y251/RushCultist2112/new1.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y251/RushCultist2112/new4.jpg http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y251/RushCultist2112/new3.jpg Newww haircut. Updated pics.
  9. I just got 6 inches cut off, so no I don't have that problem anymore.
  10. The Anarchist, The Wreckers, Headlong Flight mostly.....
  11. Everything Alex says should be taken with a large grain of salt. Let us not forget the massive shitstorm of anger that occurred over comments Alex made about the setlist last tour.
  12. My first Rush concert was 2007. I was 17 at the time, so maybe that will explain why it was my first
  13. Let me say that there's a HUGE difference between trashed people being assholes and people who just want to unwind with a few beers. Trashed people being assholes are, well, assholes. If you were that drunk at a bar, they would tell you to go home. Don't get so drunk that you're a disturbance to everyone around you.
  14. German metal is the best thing ever. Find myself listening to music in English less and less. Not to say there isn't a lot of bands that I like that aren't German...Muse, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Rush (obviously), A7X, Apocalyptica, etc. I just feel German metal is on a whole other level. Feel like my boyfriend and I are the only people in the world who feel that way, but I pretty much only listen to Neue Deutsche Harte bands and Rush right now. Feel free to call me crazy.
  15. QUOTE (D3strukt @ Jun 18 2012, 06:48 PM) Personally, I agree with the people who hate the drinkers. I think it should be BYOB. Or, they should outlaw it altogether. Drinking at a concert is stupid as f**k. If you HAVE TO HAVE beer (which you don't.) to enjoy a show, then there's a problem. Wow, okay. I don't NEED alcohol to enjoy a Rush concert. I don't need alcohol to enjoy anything. Some people like to down a few cold ones and have a good time. It's a CONCERT for crying out loud. If you don't want to, then don't. This thread is seriously crazy. So people can't get drinks or pee during a Rush concert. good to know.
  16. It's catchy as hell. I didn't think I was getting that into the album, but then I caught myself singing... The missing part of me that flows around me like a cage
  17. Laundry and dishes might be tied for me.
  18. I'm in the middle of listening to it for the first time. I have to go to work soon, which will give me a break to digest it. Then, I plan to listen to the whole thing while I take a bike ride.
  19. I would not consider S&A the beginning of an epic trifecta. I am enjoying Clockwork Angels a lot though... I'd rather hope that Clockwork Angels is the beginning of its own trifecta. Wishful thinking, perhaps.
  20. I love Arrested Development. Gob is probably my favorite character.
  21. QUOTE (Sin City @ Jun 9 2012, 03:24 AM) Yeah, but seeing as somebody had to open their own thread on the same subject................................... Sorry didn't see yours. I just found it. My bad. EDIT: Upon further inspection, I even posted in that thread about a week and a half ago. D'oh
  22. QUOTE (treeduck @ Jun 8 2012, 03:18 PM) QUOTE (Presto-digitation @ Jun 8 2012, 03:12 PM) I haven't seen it. Me either... That's the film I want to see though, the sci-fi film full of ideas that I'd never thought of before, ideas that I'd never even come within a million miles of imagining. A film that blows my mind, a film that blows EVERYONE'S mind in fact, and changes the current human paradigm forever... Prometheus will not be that movie. However, I still found it to be an enjoyable watch.
  23. Had a screening of Prometheus at work today, so I came in early and sat by myself in the theater and watched it. It was very weird and not at all what I expected but I really enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty intense, despite having some confusing parts. I was just wondering what everyone else thought of it
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