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    Snakes & Arrows
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    Camera Eye
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    Moving Pictures
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    Seeing Rush twice in one year!!!!
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    Are there other bands?
  1. Standard: Rush Metallica Boy Hits Car Trick Pony Disturbed Other Favorites: Van Halen Dokken Disturbed RA Restless Heart Surprises: Stupified Again (Stevie D Remix) a mix of the song "Try Again" by Aaliyah and Stupified by Disturbed. Drift Away - Dobbie Gray Big Dog - Barrelbright (local band) Clay Sun Union Mariah Carey
  2. QUOTE (aliceintool @ Aug 14 2010, 10:19 AM)is there anyplace to find the polka version of Closer to the Heart that was playing after the show? it was highly enjoyable! Hell I'd take a copy and I haven't even been to the tour yet...going Friday!!!!
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