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  1. I improved much my bass playing when I started to listen Rush. At the beginning I was trying to pick up Geddy's stuff, later I was able to play much of the things. I did "Leave that thing alone" with a cover band, also "Alien shore", "YYZ", "Tom Sawyer", "Animate"...of course I don't sing. I actually sing backing vocals but can't do it with playing the bass at the same time. Geddy is a genious...I am not Right now I work with my own band, doing our music, but I always love to have some fun picking up some Rush songs, or playing the ones I already know. Of course I don't know if I play them right the same way, I never used notes or tabs, I just play what I hear. My favorite one? YYZ!
  2. awesome shots, man! (and looks like awesome position you had there ) thanks for sharing!
  3. Crying isn't masculine? I don't feckin care about someone's opinion I cried during the start of Spirit of Radio at the Birmingham show (22.05.2011) and few tears during other parts of the show. Also in London. Why? Cause I'm true fan since 1993 and never had the chance to see them live for many reasons...it was just a dream. And finally the dream happened thanks to my friend Sean. Seeing my dream coming true was very emotional moment.
  4. Listen guys, if you want perfect view and sound, just stay at home and watch the DVD's ...and don't take that offensive...cause I don't mean to offend anyone. It's just a fact - you can't get perfect sound at indoor arena, especially big one with poor or no special acoustic treatment as O2. I've been to many rock concerts in my life and none of them had great sound indoors...of course it's just my point of view. But I also have another point of view, cause I work like soundengineer. Of course I never did the FoH sound for such a big band and in such a big hole...oops, I mean hall But I had the experience to make sound for rock groups and symphonic orchestras in little bit smaller sport hall and I tell you - IT'S f@@kin pain in the ass. Acoustic treatment is something very hard to calculate, design and create...besides it's too expensive so they do it just for smaller halls which are not good for big/rock concerts. Besides a rock concert have to be loud - ALWAYS. And making loud and clear (in the same time) sound is mission impossible when you have bad acoustics and the sound reverberate all the time from every f@@kin wall and ceiling around. O2 is just a hole - no acoustics, no nothing. Well, I'm not saying the sound in London was bad...it was little bit worse than Birmingham and Birmingham was very clear...but that's just my point of view - I was standing on the floor, 9 rows away from the stage (12 rows in London). In situations like that you can get the best (possible) sound near the FoH mixer, just because if the soundengineers can change anything, they do it from their point of view, without hearing the sound on the sides or somewhere else. At the beginning of the second half in London I was able to stand about minute or two just behind the mixer and the sound was very clear...but then the security guy came and sent me to my seat Just to be honest - I always go to concerts for the emotion of seeing my fav bands live, to feel the show, the atmosphere...and I don't care so much for the sound - it's always better on the DVD p.s. Just one more very important thing I want to discuss. I was talking with my friend Sean, who bought our tickets (thanks, mate) and his two friends Marc and Martin (cheers ) I want to share the same thing here: I know it's just business, safety and that kind of shit but having seats in front of stage? This is stupid! I'm from Bulgaria - we never have seats in front of stage, just standing tickets. If you are a true fan, you always buy tickets for the front of stage area (they are more expensive of course). If you are not so true (or want to save some money) you just buy tickets for the area behind front of stage area (cheaper). And if you want to sit, there are plenty of side areas with seats. Also...you don't have place reserved...it might look bad...but it's honest I think. If you are a true fan, you go early, you suffer, you wait in sun and rain and you are one of the first to pass the gates and one of the first to find good place (on the barrier in front of stage if you are in this area)...and if you are not so true fan, you just come later and have worse place
  5. QUOTE (slambozzio @ Sep 17 2007, 09:54 AM) my favourite off that album for sure. mine too...and I also like to play it on bass, but it's not very easy
  6. QUOTE (jazzbass @ Sep 16 2007, 09:18 PM) The voice is saying "Men about oars" Yes, thanks...it has sense and connection with the shores
  7. QUOTE (Show Don't Tell @ Sep 16 2007, 04:16 PM) Okay, good! I was thinking "What kind of Rush fan are you if you don't know what album these songs are from?" I think I know well every Rush song and album ...now I'm 31 years old and they are my favorite band since 1992 The sound I'm hearing at the beginning is something like "alabarole" Yeah, it has no sense
  8. QUOTE (Show Don't Tell @ Sep 16 2007, 04:05 PM) The album you're thinking of is Counterparts. Yeah, I know that
  9. Sorry for the strange question but I wonder something...in the beginning of Alien Shore there is a voice who speaks something, but I can't understand what is this? And also who speaks that? Neil? I think Neil speaks at the beginning of Animate (1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2...) and it is in the same album...
  10. http://www.last.fm/user/master_gamgee/
  11. YYZ! also a favorite thing to play on my bass guitar
  12. Why are you asking so difficult questions-it's so hard to choose between so many good songs...
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