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  1. I bought tickets when they went on sale back whenever that was. Got offered a job I can't refuse, and it happens to be over Nov. 28th in New Mexico. I'm glad to have a job and all, but for f*cks sake! I gave my tickets away to a fellow Canadian friend who has never seen a Rush show. I really hope he likes it, or I may punch him in the arm. I may be able to roll down to Houston for the last show of the leg, but if not, looks like England may be my only chance to see Clockwork Angels live. To everyone who is going to this show, I raise my goblet from the cask of '43 to you all. Peace.
  2. QUOTE (shail @ Oct 12 2012, 09:05 AM) Just heard 7 kids in my daughters class are out with the 24 hour stomach bug. Got it from those buggers. This will be my 2nd sober concert. No drinks for me. At least ill have a better memory of the event. Death won't keep me away from this show tonight. Way to rally!!! I'm inspired. If I ever feel too sick to go to a show, i'll remember this. Thank you, and good luck! btw, extra underpants is a great idea.
  3. 19.99 for a beer mug... I'll steal one when i'm drinking there.
  4. I love it. Hands down best thing since Power Windows for me. Great Great Great! Well beyond expectations. Although I'm not a S&A hater, it totally blows that record out of the water. I just love to hear these guys really kicking ass like they should. Can't wait to spend gobs of cash on !!!
  5. QUOTE (Nate2112 @ Jun 20 2012, 03:05 PM) The worst off of the album along with seven cities of gold and BU2B. My favorites are Clockwork Angels and The Anarchist. I like those too! Especially Anarchist following CA, good lead in.
  6. I've never liked Slash that much, but my esteem grows. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/slash-confirms-at...-202828045.html
  7. QUOTE (Lerxster @ Mar 6 2012, 10:29 AM) I went with PeW. Cool cover, Ou la la cover girl, and it marked the end of the naked guy era PeW is closely followed by FBN, MP, Kings and RTB. haha, end of the naked guy era. Permanent Waves because of the panties! I can see how it might seem sleazy to some, but that was out when i was hitting puberty, so, no brainer for me.
  8. Quick to judge Quick to anger Slow to understand Ignorance and prejudice And fear walk hand in hand...
  9. They say there are strangers who threaten us In our immigrants and infidels They say there is strangeness too dangerous In our theaters and bookstore shelves That those who know what's best for us Must rise and save us from ourselves
  10. Roll the Bones for me. T4E 2nd on the list. But saying that, there are some great songs on both those disks.
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