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  1. I reckon calling that "singing" is generous, but I am personally acquainted with an Amazon parrot who loves rock'n'roll music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVQ18mJAMwI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ueFqoE0thk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBRaLy6mrc8&t=77s
  2. I was lying on my couch ill with covid (although at the time I thought it was just some kind of weird flu). A friend of mine who is a notorious fangirl sent me a text reading simply "Neil!" Because she is a notorious fangirl, I assumed she was listening to a song or admiring a photograph, or perhaps writing a story of the sort that would be disapproved of by most of the people here. So I sent her back a text that said "Yes?" with a laughing emoji, and when she didn't answer right away I felt a sense of foreboding, googled, saw the news and sent back "Oh my God! NO!" We texted back and forth for a bit expressing our shock and disbelief, marvelling that he had been so sick and had kept it quiet, and discussing what he meant to us. Then the tears as it sunk in fully, and a whisky in his honour, while texts came in from pretty much everyone I know telling me that they had heard the news and thought of me. The next morning, the first thing I thought of when I woke up was that I was living in a world with no Neil Peart in it, a post-Rush world where there was no longer even a slight chance of a reunion. While that grief persisted for a while, perspective was quick in coming. It is undeniably sad, and especially injust in view of the fate of his first family, but not a personal loss for me the way it is for his family and friends. In the time since then, the music and the videos have been of great comfort. Reading the Rolling Stone article all I could think of was "Thank goodness Alex recovered from his illness in March, because wow, so soon after Neil, what would it have done to Geddy if he hadn't?"
  3. Chicago with Terry Kath >Eagles Chicago without Terry Kath<Almost anything
  4. I think Trump has done for him the same thing he's done for millions of others, dumbed them down. Both people who supported him and those who didn't. Truer words never spoken!
  5. GeddysMullet


    That is really...something!
  6. Wow... I really hated that article. Some of those reasons were outright shameful. The Who win over the Stones in part because they had more fans die at a show? What kind of sadistic logic is that? You can't take seriously an article that doesn't even know the proper name of the venue where those Stones fans died!
  7. Earl what about KISS? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-msbXLXwx8Y&amp;amp;list=OLAK5uy_lmy3qvefgDuAg1HG0wgpYAwJELpzgkhyw&amp;amp;index=16 Pat!! You are never vague! What do you mean? Are you typing about when KISS went POP? I love every record up to "Crazy Nights." "Hot In The Shade" is Pop Shite! Thank Goodness for "REVENGE!" You are a WHO WHORE! I love it all! Wait! I'm a WHO WHORE too. Sometimes I just like to type the word KISS Earl! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW9kuW3liFk&amp;amp;list=OLAK5uy_lmy3qvefgDuAg1HG0wgpYAwJELpzgkhyw&amp;amp;index=21 Hahaha! Ok! I've been doing a lot of "KISS"ing lately!!! "ANIMALIZE" ME! How do you rank Keith Moon in your top drummer ratings? Top 10? Top 20? Great question. I love Keith and Buddy as well!! I usually stick with a TOP FIVE DRUMMER LIST. Hmmmmm.... 1. Neil Peart 2. Simon Phillips 3. Stewart Copeland 4. Dave Weckl 5. Tim Alexander 6. Billy Cobham 7. Leonard Haze 8. Keith Moon 9. Buddy Rich 10. John Bonham 11. Tommy Lee 12. Bobby Blotzer 13. Cozy Powell 14. Scott Rockenfield 15. Alex Van Halen 16. Terry Bozzio 17. Mitch Mitchell 18. Jeff Porcaro 19, Nico McBrain 20. Ian Mosley 21. Wild Mick Brown What about Mike "Bluebeard" Portannoy? Buddy Rich #9?!! That’d be like having Rod Laver in the same spot for Top Male Tennis Players of all time. Tommy Lee's 5 spots ahead of Bozzio?! Hmmm... My list is based on influence being a drummer. I play like Neil but I hit fuckking hard like Tommy. Pamela Anderson? I've seen the sex tape. Tommy plays with three fuckking drumsticks. Seen it? I’m surprised you didn’t SHOOT and DIRECT it... “Okay, Tommy. Less talk and more schlong! Nobody gives a shit if you love her or not! Sorry, Pamela. It’s just show biz! Okay, places everyone! 3....2....1....ACTION!!!” Signed, Stephen Spielboner Ah, there we go. The post that made trawling through this teenaged bedroom of a thread worth it
  8. The comedy, sense of fun and them not taking themselves too seriously as people while still taking their craft completely seriously as musicians is a big part of what attracted me to Rush, so hard disagree there!
  9. Really? OK I'll check out. A quick CSB: In 1999 my band got to play a "secret" show at the Roxy in Hollywood. On the bill? Disturbed and System of a Down. We were the "closeliner" and were the last band on the bill. It was JAMMED. Beautiful women everywhere. Rick Rubin seated with a bunch of babes. Both bands were really really good. System was so high energy. Just awesome. When it came time for us to play, the ENTIRE venue cleared out like stink bomb went off, before we played a note! LOL. What was your band's name? Soulcracker Hey, I remember your band from that VH1 show!
  10. Ask yourself this: If YOU were Geddy or Alex, would you want to hang out here? ;)
  11. Rush fans as a whole aren't any more intelligent than fans of other bands.
  12. It was more fun when he was asking questions about their sexuality to stir the pot, I miss those days
  13. I greatly dislike changing the clock twice a year. I find it to be highly disruptive to my circadian rhythm, and it can take me weeks to adapt to it. This exacerbates chronic health issues from which I have suffered for many years. Personally, I would prefer to stay with what is currently Daylight Savings Time because I like having more light in the evening. Changing it by 30 minutes to split the difference might be good except that I think it would cause problems if our clocks were 30 minutes out from the rest of the world's. What do you think?
  14. Beat me to it, GM. What Fruits chu talkin about, Willis? No one even said anything mean in that thread! Though they could have!
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