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  1. I had purchased tickets in a few cities for relatives and friends for their birthdays months back and for the most part are casual Rush fans who know the hits and a few deep cuts. I went to Amazon.com and purchased copies of Power Windows since it is $4.99 on cd, Clockwork Angels when it was $5.99, and Roll The Bones which was $4.99 so they had an idea of what they were going to see. All of them thanked me a great deal as they hadn't owned Power Windows since the 80s.
  2. Loudest Rush tours I have seen were Counterparts, R30, and Snakes & Arrows. All obnoxiously loud.
  3. That just rules. My friend caught one from Geddy that has him in an Afro. Good stuff!
  4. You obviously don't read well. That post was ripped from another thread about guess the set list game. That post had nothing to do with what was posted yesterday.
  5. QUOTE (BrightAntennae @ Sep 6 2012, 03:20 PM) QUOTE (FOH Lights @ Sep 6 2012, 11:59 AM) QUOTE (farcryoverspilledmilk @ Sep 6 2012, 12:39 PM)The band has made the decision to rehearse the entire record and leave the options open this round to drop 2 and put 2 songs in. The complete record will not be performed on a nightly basis. Hmmm, I think your friend might have misunderstood his source. Changing things up nightly, every other night, or anything other than mid-tour break, would be rather out of character. Don't ya think? But I guess a journalist for the Union Leader Newspaper and a fellow Rush fan of OP's would know... Agreed. Swapping out new material does not make much sense to me. Used to be done in the past and was done on the VT tour with Ghost Rider, Ceiling Unlimited, The Trees, Freewill, Between Sun and Moon, and Vital Signs.
  6. I personally think people should always listen to what the band says months leading up to a tour. When they say they haven't played a song in years or in x amount of tours they are technically right. Animate for example hasn't been played since 2004. That is 8 years ago. Nobody's Hero hasn't been played since 1998, that is 14 years ago. Manhattan Project was last done in 1990, that is 22 years ago. So in Rushspeak that is going way back and pulling out songs they haven't played in years. A very general term for the band that they can get away with while having such a huge catalog to choose from. They have been bringing out a few songs each tour that haven't ever been played or played in decades. In this case it looks like Losing It and Second Nature are where they wanted to go since they have a string section with them. I remember oddly thinking when Between Sun and Moon was played on the VT tour that it wasn't even on my radar of consideration for them doing. Between The Wheels was the shocker for R30 out of left field. Then on S&A I don't think anyone would have guessed Digital Man, Entre Nous, and Circumstances to pop up alongside Witch Hunt, Passage To Bangkok, and Mission. At the very least this will make the night interesting and obviously a song like Animate has a powerful string presence on its own and Nobody's Hero while not in my top 100 Rush songs is a song that has always been a closet fave of theirs.
  7. The only other detail added in was that some of the songs will be structured very differently to accommodate the strings. There are to be a number of winning moments throughout the night.
  8. Just had breakfast with a journalist for the Union Leader Newspaper and a fellow Rush fan. Here is what was relayed to me with regards to the set list. The band has made the decision to rehearse the entire record and leave the options open this round to drop 2 and put 2 songs in. The complete record will not be performed on a nightly basis. Manhattan Project, Marathon, and Nobody's Hero are in the set. Other songs that have been part of the rehearsals with strings outside of the CA songs include Losing It, Second Nature, Spirit of Radio, 2112, and Animate.
  9. I pray LTTA, Freewill, Working Man, and CTTH stay gone.
  10. If they stick to the rumored 3 hours and 10 mins of music they have planned then there is plenty of time for this. Intro Prelude - Hemispheres The Big Money Limelight Subdivisions The Pass Time Stand Still Caravan BU2B Clockwork Angels The Anarchist Carnies Halo Effect Seven Cities of Gold Intermission The Wreckers Headlong Flight BU2B2 Wish Them Well The Garden Losing It Manhattan Project Marathon Nobody's Hero Where's My Thing? Drum Solo Alex Solo The Trees Xanadu Jacobs Ladder Encore Malignant Narcissism The Spirit of Radio Tom Sawyer 2112 Overture/Temples/Grand Finale
  11. You can log on to Yes.com and put Rush into the search box and then click on their icon on the left side and the real time play list in North America and the Internet pops up and scrolls so you can see who is playing it. The stats I saw this evening showed about 100 stations in North America have spun it at least once or twice.
  12. I would say it is their strongest song writing since Presto which on its face in my opinion was extremely melodic. Personally, what I did hear has put things into perspective of where these 3 guys are at in their lives as musicians and that is they are still writing music like they have something to prove. There is no quit on here. I did think what they put out over the last 10 years was a band that were kind of on auto pilot. Clockwork Angels sees the band taking chances again which is why I think you have heard 80s comparisons. It's not so much an 80s record...actually far from it. It just flows like an 80s Rush record if you know what I mean? They took chances with different sounds and the art of making true arrangements have come back this time versus a cut and paste studio job which imo was done a lot on their last few studio efforts. I hope this helps. I have to get to the airport in an hour and my breakfast is done. Good Day!
  13. Hi, I don't get to post much on the boards but wanted to give my $.02 on the situation of Clockwork Angels and this cloak of secrecy that has gone on now for the better part of a week. I will be clear in telling you up front that I work for Sirius/XM and yes we were treated to a listening of Headlong Flight and portions of Clockwork Angels in our D.C. offices. This "listening party" has really been blown up to be something it really wasn't. It took place in a conference room and there was a buffet style brunch kinda thing there from what I was told by a colleague who attended. It was extremely low key and maybe 20 to 25 people in total were in attendance. The entire record was NOT played. What was played were 2 and a half minutes of each track as a "taste" of Rush so to speak. The majority of the people in attendance from what I gathered were the movers and shakers of music with some from Live Nation and other radio and television broadcasters. A small group of critics were there to get a listen as well. Headlong Flight has been described on the web as everything from sounding like something from By Tor to heavy 80s Rush. I would say it reminds me of something that is as heavy as a song off Permanent Waves and a flow of 80s Rush. Alex is certainly alive on the track. Why the wait? This is Roadrunner's baby and what you are all seeing and hearing is all part of a viral string along marketing plan. There is a reason you all knew and found out about the "listening party" to begin with. There is a reason why you have people taking to Twitter giving reviews of a song that nobody is supposedly not going to hear until April 19th. It is all part of a major market push to get the public interested in NEW Rush versus just taking them for their huge catalog. Trust me. When a label rep comes in the door and starts a tease like this and no green light to air the track? It is nothing but a marketing ploy. Usually they want that song on the air as soon as we can put it on. We are ready to put it on a few of our stations but have not received official permission yet to do so and these kinds of things (playing songs early) can cost big fines and or sanctions in relationships with reps and labels. They need us and we need them! Just rest and relax on losing patience with Rush themselves. They have nothing to do with it. This is all the label and nothing else. They have basically made sure no recording devices are not on when the track is played, no copies or downloading of the file have happened as of yet but I truly expect that to change by the end of the coming week and you should be listening to Headlong Flight come Easter weekend as word of mouth is spreading at a high rate. In all of the years I have been a Rush fan (Since 1979), I have not seen people take the time to actually push a Rush single and record the way it is right now and I was working in radio when the Atlantic switch happened. In this day and age for classic rock artists to get a new song on the radio is almost impossible with the exception of our operation. Headlong Flight is going to appeal to a lot of program directors across the country but the bottom line is will it get the support from their boss to add it to the rotation? Be happy. People are finally working for Rush and doing their job by marketing and not mailing or fed ex or sending an MP3 over. There isn't a lot to talk about at the moment because the label has asked to not go much further into detail other than our reactions (if positive) to the music. Hang on for the ride gang! Rush is about to take you on a "musical ride" shortly - B.C.
  14. He says "Oh shut up, please shut up" not please stop.
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