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  1. Apologize for the not-quite-necropost, but I thought I should mention that Babymetal will be performing with Rob Halford of Judas Priest at the APMAs in Columbus, Ohio July 18th: http://www.blabbermo...s-music-awards/ Also, because it's not in this thread yet, here's their first single off their new album (less than three months after release and already 15,000,000+ views): http://youtu.be/GvD3CHA48pA And here's a live one with their actual backing band: http://youtu.be/TZRvO0S-TLU Oh, and Rob Zombie is a fan: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/rob-zombie-on-watching-babymetal-perform-it-was-like-nothing-i-had-ever-seen-before/
  2. See you at Wembley! http://www.kerrang.com/35015/babymetal-headline-londons-sse-arena-wembley/
  3. To Cleveland from Columbus for RTB. Will beat that this year, traveling from Greer, SC to Greensboro, NC.
  4. Well, the issue has already been solved, but I also have to add my own "no" to the OP. That said, I also want to mention that I had taken my then almost 6 year old to see Rush during the R30 tour. It was at an amphitheater (RIP Polaris Amphitheater in Columbus, Ohio), which mitigated the sound issue somewhat (we were on the lawn). I also took along a set of earplugs for him. About 2 minutes after the show started, he asked to take them out because he couldn't hear the music. His next concert was Clockwork Angels, this time, at an indoor arena. These are still the only two concerts he's ever been to. He won't be going this year, unless he can get there on his own. He's still in Ohio and I've moved to South Carolina, and will be seeing Rush in Greensboro. Would have been nice to take him to see R40...
  5. 21+ minutes including two sections of just the band trading solos: http://youtu.be/UKK5wxu2_ao 0:40 - Headbangya (at 3:12 is when Yui takes over on lead vocal - the song is about a girl turning 15, and the show is nicknamed Legend Y, in honor of her recent 15th birthday. Presumably, Moa will do the same in Germany tomorrow (her 15th birthday is soon as well), and they are calling that one Legend M) 5:05 - Not sure which song this is 5:46 - Uki Uki Midnight 8:56 - First instrumental break 12:18 - Akumu No Rondo (Nightmare Rondo) (Su-metal solo) 12:50 - Onedari Daisakusen (Black Babymetal - Yuimetal and Moametal subgroup of Babymetal - apparently, the song is about a girl trying to borrow (or otherwise get) some money from her dad) 16:10 - Second instrumental break 17:57 - Catch Me If You Can (This one is about kids playing Hide-and-Seek)
  6. Gimme Choco!! by itself from the floor (full): http://youtu.be/1Lysvg2v_BU Akatsuki (Su-Metal solo song) with dueling guitar solo: http://youtu.be/dWU_bTQWwsE
  7. So, Babymetal opened their European tour yesterday with the show in Paris. There's quite a bit of video from the show available but I will be posting compilation vids, rather than individual. Some clips are of the same song but from different angles, some are cut short in one compilation, and longer in others. They're not all in setlist order http://youtu.be/iygmuDbl1FQ List of the clips: Ijime, Dame, Zettai Doki Doki Morning Uki Uki Midnight 4 no Uta (Yui and Moa) IDZ (again) Babymetal Death (show opener) Onedari (Yui and Moa) Babymetal Death (again) http://youtu.be/RKfC9UwwsBA Last minute or so of Megitsune 1:17 Doki Doki Morning 4:19 Gimme Choco!! (they do it a bit faster than in the official video, and have a bit of audience participation)
  8. First heard this back in 1995 when it was first played on the morning show at WLVQ (where Dan Orr is the morning show producer). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lekzEUfCto&feature=share&list=PLfMpPvF2SdBMBxpSFDHr9WhzsRgob9Nfi&index=2 :laughing guy: :laughing guy: :laughing guy:
  9. http://youtu.be/lcWVL4B-4pI http://youtu.be/-C-jXJl0Zrg
  10. My favorite (well... tied with Megitsune, which was already posted up above) Ijime Dame Zettai (No More Bullying): http://youtu.be/nDqaTXqCN-Q Edit: BTW, the girls are now 16, 15 (Yui just had a birthday friday), and 14 (Moa turns 15 the day of their Paris show)
  11. Oh... if you like your kawaii metal to be a little less "kawaii" and a little more metal, there's Babymetal Death: http://youtu.be/EKfp9aKu1Mo Their "Roll the Bones" (watch the entire thing, and you'll get what I mean): http://youtu.be/qVdBBOpSoN4 Kitsune up!
  12. Almost forgot... Marty Friedman is a fan: https://www.facebook...8074387/?type=1 And apparently Kirk Hammett: http://www.pinterest...54280377561437/ Edit: Just saw this (upper right corner - Judas Priest and Babymetal posters):
  13. Yeah... just a bit of a necropost, but some new info for Babymetal... like playing the main stage with Iron Maiden and Anthrax at Sonisphere next month: http://sonisphere.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/FINALSONIARTWORK_4JUNE_9002.jpg They're also playing the Heavy Montreal Festival: http://heavymontreal...grammation=grid$ And playing solo dates in Paris, Cologne (sold out), and London (sold out - upgraded to a larger venue - sold out again): http://www.bandsintown.com/BABYMETAL Playing a solo date in L.A. at the Fonda theater: http://www.fondathea...s/detail/251359 And lastly, opening five shows for Lady Gaga: http://www.kerrang.c...port-lady-gaga/ http://youtu.be/j6cC01au1RY Even Hitler likes Babymetal :laughing guy: : http://youtu.be/-HIYfMY7Fi8
  14. I think I've seen all of two episodes of DS9, and one of *those* was on the Star Trek original series discs as an updated Trouble With Tribbles episode. No complaints about that one, as I thougt they did a pretty good job integratng he original TWT footage with the new DS9 stuff. TBH, I stopped watching anything Trek after NextGen finished, and the last of the NextGen movies. Now, let's get off the Trek stuff and back to B5.
  15. Good scene, but "the best" I dunno. So many excellent scenes in the series that could challenge such a claim . . . As for Sheridan/Sinclair, from my point of view, I thought the series really took off once Sheridan replaced Sinclair. Bruce Boxleitner's Sheridan is one of my favorite sci-fi characters of all time, maybe THE favorite. Can't think of any other Sci-Fi characters that I liked more atm. Sure. That's why I said "IMO". A couple of scenes that could challenge it both come from Susan Ivanova - "I am God" (from season 1) and "I am Death incarnate" (from, I think, season 4), the former for funsies, and the latter for seriousness. There are also a couple of other Delenn scenes that are good, several G'Kar and Vir scenes, and even a couple of Londo scenes. *I* just happen to think that Delenn's "Be somewhere else" is the best. I'm not going to argue about something so subjective. EDIT: BTW, anyone can search YouTube using those quoted bits to find the Ivanova scenes. I'm not going to hog the thread by posting a crapton of videos.
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