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  1. the deception WITH tact http://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/554acfd5-7be3-4df4-aacd-e072de804892
  2. reduction is the future
  3. "ICE AGE IS HERE (and it's right in your town)..."
  4. Favourite Headache vs Favorite Headache
  5. What was it? well now I don't remember it was probably funny, though
  6. idk, but fyi we're still using TOST v.LEGAL TO DRINK or v. 22 depending on what time of day it is
  7. there are times when Pat Metheny can really let you down
  8. This is where I keep all my money now 1982 Buick Skylark
  9. in the early to mid 1990's I worked at a local bookstore in New England the Operations Manager drove a Miata, street legal but modified for racing (roll cage, racing seats, suspension and engine mods etc) he left work one day but came right back in - he had locked his keys in his car, did anyone know a good locksmith? I volunteered my services I had developed a unique skill over the years for getting friends, co-workers and complete strangers back into their cars by removing the metal strip from hanging file folders and using it as a slimjim I grabbed my strip and headed outside - in less than 15 seconds I was in Now my typical unlock time back then was right around 5 minutes, so I was nobody's thief - in fact, with newer cars and less frequency of lockouts my time is about double that these days ^ to date that Miata remains the easiest car I've ever unlocked [side note: the only car I tried that I could not unlock was a 1982 Buick Skylark]
  10. once we reach page 426 it will all be over
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