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  1. here's hoping you'll step up your game
  2. well you've certainly adopted the spirit of the thread if not the flavor
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  4. You're taking way too many chances with my love I remember when you used to be the talk of the town All you get is lonely... Turn your love around!
  5. I have at least ten optical drives around here laser disc, cd, dvd, blu-ray...
  6. ^ with the exception of the female background vocals, Stevie plays everything else on this track
  7. I can hear you sighing, saying you'll stay beside me. Why must it be that you always creep Into my dreams?
  8. you know what? I leave fulfillingness to Stevie Wonder
  9. ^ this is depressing but inevitable
  10. provocation is the new ennui
  11. not everyone knows who Cy Curnin is that's ok
  12. absolutely check your relative pessimism and how many original Rush West German CD pressings you own
  13. it's easy to believe somebody's been lying to me
  14. I'm saved by nature, but it always forgets what I need ..............I hope you'll stop me before I build a wall around me
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