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    R30 in Nashvegas - thinking I was on 3rd row in front of Geddy - only to find my seats and realize my part of row 3 was front row in front of Lerxst. What a nice surprise twas.
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  1. The venue website also says 8:00....where have you seen 7:30?
  2. QUOTE (mong82191 @ Aug 8 2010, 05:27 PM)QUOTE (tick @ Aug 8 2010, 04:04 PM) http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d198/mgcygnus/Rush/DSCN0030.jpg "I just love Sour Patch Kids." NOM NOM NOM! "I wish I could get that little piece of hair off of my tongue....it's annoying the hell out of me while I try playing this thing."
  3. Added as my desktop as well. I love the colors. So long GUP cover....for now.
  4. First of all great thread. I'm sure it's been done before, but fun to read none the less. Hands down TFE for me. I can't think of anything I like about it....except for the fact I was on 2nd row in Nashvegas for the tour. I am amazed that some don't care for PW or Counterparts. Personally love those recordings. PW may even be my fav top to bottom. I understand that some of the newer material will never appeal to some, but I put in VT and S&A for a fresh listen the other day and was simply blown away by the quality of the music. One of my favorite moments is when I put in a recording that I haven't listened to in a long long time and "re-discover" it. All the stars have to align....ie you have to have the time, be in the right mood, the volume has to be just right...but when it hits...it is soooo fun.
  5. honestly....Alex's fingers look fat and his hair's all a mess....is that what Ged's laughing at? truly a great pic tho
  6. QUOTE (EmotionDetector @ Jul 20 2010, 08:13 AM) Boy oh boy...where to begin with this mess of a post!? I'm all for one's opinion, but wow...you are clearly off your rocker (and I mean that in the most respectful way). You bash practically every song in the first set...including questioning why BU2B was played. Hello...this is new material. It was a well-known fact that they would play it, and it kicked ass BTW. Also, who gives a shit how many times Freewill is played?! It kicks f'n ass every time, and was easily the highlight for me yet again. I could hear that bridge over and over and it wouldn't bother me one bit. It is a flawless song. I'm sorry, but overall, this set was great. A nice mix...it felt fresh and new, and it felt like a nice change of pace from previous sets. Now...don't get me wrong. I do agree with some of your points regarding them playing some gems (like Emotion Detector), as well as missing some classic albums (like GUP and CoS). You are absolutely right there...but unfortunately with only 3 hours, and especially when playing MP in full, it is tough to find time to fit everything in. I don't think it's a complete "mess of a post". I think his opinion matches many folks concerns. I think the first set is weaker than many of the last tours and is based (here we go again!) on NP's insatiable desire to get his anti-religion songs in the show. The Time Machine concept has SO much potential to bring out better older material IMO, but as many have mentioned, I feel fortunate to be seeing them live again!!!!. Of course it is stupid not to expect BU2B to be played, and while not my fav....you know it's coming and is NP's crowning achievement in slamming religion. RE: S&A, I think it is an awesome recording and have listened extensively to it and VT. I gave them both a fresh listen (studio versions) recently and was blown away at the overall production / sound. I recognize there were some reproduction issues in VT, but these recording are great in my opinion. Finally, before I leave the religion slamming, while I disagree with NP's overall beliefs, and am personally a believer in Christ, I do agree that religion deserves to be slammed to some extent. ("The S&A a child is heir to are enough to leave a 1,000 cuts"...is a VERY TRUE comment!!!) What people see on TV and experience from belligerent zealots is not what most of us (believers) profess. Deciding not to believe because of people like this is like deciding not to listen to music because of "fake" bands like [insert band name]. sorry
  7. Wish I would've stopped at your short review. The simple synopsis of awesomeness is not supported by your song by song comments. This is EXACTLY what I am afraid of. I think the first set is very weak and your review supports that. For a 2.5 hour show, I'm thinking/hoping I love all but one or two songs. You have mediocre comments about several of the songs. I'm hoping to simply be mesmerized by just being there (9/29 - Atlanta), but frankly fear the feel of the first set. I also have noticed since you can find video everywhere, including this tour Youtubers, along with R30 and S&A on Palidium and Direct TV, the aura of the build up for the live show is somewhat not as special as it once was....kind of like opening your presents on Christmas Eve before Christmas Day. I very much look forward to the show, but this time around does not seem as special to me, except for the fact TCE will be played. "Priests praise my name on this" day of my 100th POST Woooohooooo, I'm eligible for the SensoClock News!!!
  8. It's not that I'm too anxious...I just get a lot more enjoyment being prepared for the show. I can brush up on lyrics and not have that moment or two of "name that tune".
  9. After 2,112 tries finally got tix Orch 1 Row M. That was about the best I saw thru the Rush.com presale. Saw some groups of 2 around row K...but never anything better. What a frustrating experience! The first 15 min the only thing I could see was the back sections and even then I was not getting any hits. I've kept checking back every 10 min or so and don't see anything better than what I got. Argh...I'll try again Friday a.m. just to see.
  10. Based on the qualifications I think it has to be either TS, TSOR, or Freewill. They could easily be doing MP in its entirety first starting with TS, RB, YYZ and Limelight. What a great show starter. Personally, I think it will be TSOR. It has more "essence of Rursh" than the others mentioned. Other than TS, does it have the most radio play? I love Freewill, but think the solo is better in another part of the show....I wouldn't be ready for it first song!!
  11. so the questions can now stop about which one.....ie TCE or JL. I am pumped....it makes me feel like they have actually listened to us. Now if they would only add Xanadu it will really be a show!!!
  12. So are you expecting it to be played in order all together? I don't know that I expect that....I believe TCE will open the 2nd set (and brang the house down). I could still see Tom Sawyer opening (again) and even moving right to RB and maybe even on to Limelight...that would/will be a killer open. I think they open with those 3 and then move into some older stuff. Can't wait.
  13. I agree ..... no complete "B" sides. All of the music is "older" to them now. They have always been so forward looking and focused on new material, any previously released stuff will be considered older...thus the reference to "range". They can leave out CTTH as far as I'm concerned. In my opinion, it is way overrated relative to other material. I do think the set list will include the recently awarded songs TSOR, Subdivisions and Tom Sawyer. It might have anyway, but I bet those 3 make the cut regardless.
  14. two thoughts - First would be a replica of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame building that they use in some pyro stunt during the show!! Second would be a kitchen where they make some large vats of soup....they have joked about soup countless times. I like the first idea better. It would be cool for the RnRHoF to explode and then leave a replica of their song writing award. Of course they'd never do it, but imagine the reaction...they could do this right as they start the intro to The Camera Eye. OK so many threads have I crossed in this one post???????
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