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  1. I think he retired it when he stopped riding his motorcycle.
  2. Sorry Babycat, it took me a little while to figure out what you were talking about and then I realized that my title might lead people to believe that I meant Neil was back playing the drums. I came up with a few other titles for this thread that might be less confusing: - Neil is back in the game!!! - Neil was almost bankrupt and needed to take out a mortgage on his house. - Neil went to jail.
  3. I have heard from a reliable source that after taking a hiatus for a few years that Neil finally caved in and got out the old Monopoly game and started playing again.
  4. They could have a special The Trees edition where they are all kept equall by hatchet, ax and saw.
  5. But, do you have any idea how much money these things are going to save me? No more having to get bailed out of jail for me having to point it out to the ladies myself.
  6. Fixed. :D That is Douglas Adams' answer... Which means it's the TRUTH! Douglas Adams (may he rest in peace) knows EVERYTHING. :notworthy: Clearly not. He didn't know how to stay alive. That is beyond HUMAN knowledge. It's BANANA knowledge.
  7. [ What's so wrong with that? He was probably rushing to put out a fire and was drinking beer to put the fire out with a la Bob Mackenzie in Strange Brew.
  8. The video above explains some of what you're asking. And yes, we are studying images of the object's past. This article explains a bit more: http://chandra.harva...u/blog/node/719 ...the first image ever taken of a black hole (more precisely, of its shadow) truly rises up to that standard. By definition, nothing not even light, can escape the gravitational grasp of a black hole. This, however, is only true if you get too close, and the boundary between what can and cannot get away is called the event horizon. While Chandra can’t see the shadow itself, its field of view is much larger than the EHT’s, so Chandra can view the full length of the jet of high-energy particles launched by the intense gravitational and magnetic fields around the black hole. This jet extends more than 1,000 light years from the center of the galaxy. To use an analogy, consider a trumpeter in a concert hall: the EHT data, taken from radio telescopes around the globe, provide a close-up view of the mouthpiece (the origin of the sound, like the “central engine” of M87). The Chandra data, by contrast, reveal the sound waves as they travel down the trumpet and reverberate around the concert hall. (As with many analogies, the scale is not exact.) We need both of these pieces in order to understand the sound completely. (For a music analogy for interferometry and the EHT from the CfA’s Katie Bouman, see ). As for the investigation of the black hole in M87, Chandra has been on the case for quite some time. First off, let’s start with some basics. M87 is an elliptical galaxy in the Virgo galaxy cluster, about 60 million light years away from Earth. For years, scientists have known that a supermassive black hole weighing several billion times the mass of the Sun sits at the center of M87. Surrounding the elliptical galaxy is a reservoir of multimillion-degree gas, which glows brightly in X-ray light. Chandra's studies of this hot gas have given astronomers insight into the behavior and properties of the giant black hole. For example, astronomers have used Chandra data to discover ripples in the hot gas, which provide evidence for repeated outbursts from the black hole roughly every 6 million years or so. (As an aside and extension to the music analogy, these ripples represent sound waves in the hot gas. Since they are uneven, the “note” would likely be unharmonious noise rather than a melodic tone, many octaves below the threshold of human hearing. Not sure if anyone here could answer this, but how to they know any of this? How do they know this black hole weighs any amount much less several billion times the mass of the Sun? How do they know a galaxy is elliptical? How do they know it's surrounded by "multi-million degree gas"? Also, if I did the math correctly, and it's likely I didn't, it would take more than 59,000 years for light from M87 to reach us (please correct me if that's wrong, and I rounded down when making calculations). Secondly, the article says "Surrounding the elliptical galaxy is a reservoir of multimillion-degree gas, which glows brightly in X-ray light". To be able to see that, it would take more than 118,000 years for that light to get there and return and on this point there is no question, X-rays didn't exist 59,000 years ago. What am I missing? Here is the simple answer to your question.
  9. snowdogged

    Claudio Delgift

    That sounds nothing like Rush, not even close. I have to agree, at least as far as that first song goes. Rugen, what song of his do you think sounds like Rush? It's not exactly like Rush but similar mostly in some guitar parts in the songs #3,4,5,6,8 I listened to the first 30 seconds or so of those songs and I think that it would be really stretching it to say that the guy sounds like Alex. The guy is a good guitarist but does not really sound like Alex. He has a much different style than Alex, but I will admit that some of his scales are slightly reminiscent of Alex's guitar work from the synth era, but very slightly.
  10. snowdogged

    Claudio Delgift

    That sounds nothing like Rush, not even close.
  11. snowdogged

    Claudio Delgift

    Because this guy plays guitar and so does Alex.
  12. snowdogged

    Claudio Delgift

    He does have a point. They both sound like guitars.
  13. snowdogged

    Claudio Delgift

    I think that there is very little similarity between this guy's sound and Alex's.
  14. You really should check out the Naked News, some of them are "Fake" but some of them are "Real".
  15. I don't know about that? I just recently heard him singing "Yodel-Lay-Hee-Hoo" and he sounded great.
  16. Do you have any idea how long it took me to perfectly sync my stroke to La Villa?
  17. My favorite solo album from Alex is Victor.
  18. The riffiest of Rush riffs! All of Alex's riffs on the debut album are great.
  19. Kid Gloves In the End Losing it
  20. You don't think the change in tone was intentional? I do. When Terry Brown was producing Rush albums everything was intentional.
  21. The biggest problem with the synth era was that Alex's guitar parts seemed to become more and more just fillers in the songs from a band that was once heavily guitar driven.
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