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    London O2 ( piece of crap that it is! )
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    Crazy question!
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    Sharing The 1st Rush show in Ireland with Godeater2112 and his entourage. Then....flying with the Road Crew and management to Glasgow and doing it all over again! Oh....and enjoying a half time cigarette with Jack Secret at the SECC!!
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    Yes, AC/DC, Sabbath, Zeppelin,
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    I can strum a taught G String and Hammer a few Skins
  1. I like to drink! Sorry I missed Ya in NYC Bud! Timings eh!
  2. My ear nose and throat specialist said Tampa was the loudest...I said what? He said...lay back scottishdood lets get your ears fixed...I said correct 10.30!
  3. I live in Europe but that's not stopping me..flights are cheap..accommodation is cheap...Tampa in a couple of weeks time!! Just do it!!
  4. Bring on some South American dates is what I say! Glasgow to Santiago or Rio will be a challenge but that's what we are doing this time around if the band announce some dates down there! Any takers?
  5. Alex is going to do some stand up while Neil performs wheelies in between strafing runs!
  6. Do it! Travelled from the UK for the Toronto and Montreal shows and still have the UK dates next year to look forward to!
  7. Great show last night! All 3 of the guys were on top form. Geddy's vocals in particular were very strong. Met the lovely MCM who was sat beside L3ander and myself ( how many times did I have to raise my fingers to my mouth MCM? ) On way for a few days out with Godeater2112 before hitting Montreal for the show. See you all at Ziggys before that one!
  8. QUOTE (shail @ Sep 27 2012, 06:49 PM) whiners. Rock show folks. Stop going to security and ushers and have them do your dirty work. If your a girl fine ask them. Just go up and start shit with the people that are disruptive. They ruin it for you ruin it for them. We did just that at a show recently. The stupid drunks wouldn't shut up. We were about to ruin their faces. At least my ex military friend was. He has a very bad temper when f*cked with. We have each others back. After 9 years in Afghanistan in search in rescue these tools at rock concerts are petty shit. got them to shut up pretty fast. show was a great time. Yip.....just trying that attitude in Glasgow my friend and Afghanistan might just seem a little tame!!!
  9. At Glasgow last time around I met Jack Secret at the interval having a smoke outside with the rest of us punters. I'd talked to him at Glasgow Airport as him and the crew were on the same flight as us from Dublin. During the conversation I told him we had a friends kid with us who was a budding guitar player. Next thing I have a pocketful of plectrums to give to him! Jack's a cool guy!
  10. So to sum up...over the course of a week in this forum I've found out that Certain Rush fans don't like other Rush fans who whistle (unless it's directional whistleing) and if you bring a banner or a sign to a Rush show it would appear othe Rush fans are gonna smash your coupon in if you dare show it or wave it in their vicinity! Sweet!!
  11. ....and another's time ....at another Rush show....there were people in front, behind and either side of me who were clapping along with and after songs....and I couldn't hear myself think! Disgusted of Glasgow!
  12. Ye....one time....at a Rush show....there was a guy rustling a bag of popcorn next to me!!!!
  13. QUOTE (gangsterfurious @ Sep 6 2012, 08:24 PM) Nooooooooooooooooooooo. I just fell in love with Rush. I can't imagine only seeing two shows and that being the end. My world will seriously fall apart, haha. But yeah, I'm pushing 30 and can't imagine doing what they do. At least they've taken much better care of themselves than a lot of other rockers. I hope this isn't the end. Get on that back catalogue Gangster and find out what you've been missing all these years!
  14. Looks like Dirk maybe taking over Neil's complaint...... http://www.progrockmag.com/news/geddy-lees...with-rush-tour/
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