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  1. I heard it is Les Claypool....not sure if that is right though....
  2. damn it just ended I'll try and find another.. Here is one.... https://www.periscope.tv/w/aI1upzIwMTYyNDd8NTIwMjk4NzRjrQCOQ3CXWfIjT-KdhCMqaSmqBkA5knZvEz1_pf-z8g==
  3. No...expect them to start about 15 minutes after the official start time.
  4. I thought I read somewhere on these forums that Geddy was sporting a Chris Squire t shirt last night (MSG of course). Did anyone happen to notice that? If so, that would be really cool.
  5. Let the videos begin.... :)
  6. You are correct, GREAT is an understatement. The last two shows, NJ & MSG, are the absolute best two shows I have seen, by any band.
  7. Yes there is....enjoy!!!
  8. I agree 100% with ya!!! I just came down off of that "high" from that show this morning. Really itching to see them again...maybe I can score a reasonable ticket for MSG tonight???
  9. Unbelievably good show last night. Of the 25 shows I have seen since the Power Windows tour, this was the best by far. If this is the last time I ever get to see them (and I hope it isn't), I'm one happy camper!!!
  10. Thanks for that!!! Absolutely wonderful night in Newark last night!!!
  11. Oh I hear you, that beginning always gives me the chills...and maybe just a tiny bit of that "eye watering".
  12. Wonder if Newark is getting set list A or D??? Just glad to be going tomorrow night!!! :)
  13. A huge "Thank You" to everyone that streamed via Periscope tonight!!! :)
  14. Firefox here on Windows 10 Preview...wit audio!!!
  15. Yes...it was Atlantic City. They were quite funny and the show was great!!!
  16. Snowdogged, what do you think about the opening riff on The Carnies? I love the aggressive, growly nasty nature of that riff. I've been playing guitar for a long time and wish once in my life I could come up with a riff as 'nasty' as that one is.
  17. Front row in front of Alex at Hershey Stadium on the Snakes & Arrows tour. I lucked out getting that ticket. A few days before the show I was checking Ebay to see if there were any decent tickets available and lo and behold...there was one front row ticket going for face value. I was shocked. The seller couldn't make the show and decided not to over charge for the ticket even know he could have. I purchased it, rocked out in front of Alex, and thanked the seller, who was quite happy it went to a die hard Rush fan. Front row was something else...
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