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    Stockholm 2007.
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    Circumstances, Cygnus X-1, Xanadu
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    A Farewell To Kings/2112/Moving Pictures
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    Live at Globen 2007.
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    Kansas, Yes, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Queen
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    Bass, Violin, Guitar, Keyboards
  1. Caress My Steel a futuristic porno with music by Alex Lifeson. "In space noone can hear you orgasm. Or can they?" http://im.glogster.com/media/3/6/82/13/6821311.jpg
  2. "Hold all incoming calls between 17 pm and 2 am. And bring me a bottle of wine and a bucket of chicken grease. A girl needs her romance."
  3. This vid describes the fellow fin quite well.
  4. Missing Persons anyone? Ex-Zappa members, like Terry Bozzio. Kewl sound. Its here the Lady Gaga-fashion saw the light of the day.
  5. "My name is Chuck and I do co-co-co-cain, baby!!!!!"
  6. I vote for Radar. As a tribute to http://icecoollinda.blogg.se/images/2009/radar2_40080059.jpg
  7. I'm a fan of the Boss. And I'm a fan of Rush. Put against eachother i would choose Rush ofc since I'm a progrock kinda rocker, but I dont think in those terms normaly since I listen to what i feel like for the moment. Boss and Rush comes from different schools, where Rush is influenced by bluesrockers and psychadelic acts, Springsteen is more of a traditional singer/songwriter-type a' folk/rock etc. I like how alot of Springsteen's songs becomes anthems almost without trying. Aspiring to capture the feeling of the storytelling which his lyrics are. In my opinion Bruce Springsteen easily can hold his own among the great songwriters. I also like how he is keeping it real, no sell out shit - he does what he does.
  8. Not to forget is the fact that dogs eat their own vomit and shit like dead bats and stuff. And eating bats, thats pretty metal. Groar.
  9. "Joins" the circus? I thought the fact that Motley Crue is bunch of clowns was common knowledge....
  10. no prob man! remember we're doing this together - so thank you!
  11. These guys are really great: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIlfHVNEHAw I suggest everyone who calls themselves a progrockfan have a listen.
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