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  1. >>And, yes - a youngish Justin. Whew... :P Thanks, Lorraine!
  2. Thank you, Lorraine! A young(ish) Justin Hayward, hopefully? lol Here's a Facebook pic from a few years ago...
  3. Howdy! I haven't been around in a while, but stopped by to share a couple songs from my prog rock project: http://www.therushfo...ect-red-planet/ Here is our band photo. Note the awesome Star Wars font. :) I'm on the left. Jim
  4. QUOTE (rushgoober @ Sep 18 2011, 12:36 PM) aural abortion of an album In all honesty, was that really necessary?
  5. Whoops, I didn't bump it. Just making snide comments.
  6. QUOTE (Fridge @ Apr 21 2008, 01:47 AM)Sorry, but their taste is pretty awful. I'm not boasting, but my house is almost the same size (though it didn't cost anywhere near that amount!) and is an early victorian former manse. It looks like they have striven for a more period look but have got it completely wrong. The hallway, bathroom and kittchen are ok at a stretch, but the lounge areas are unforgiveable. I am a great fan of georgian and Victorian styles, but they are way off the beam here It all just comes across as tasteless and chintzy I'm afraid You're not boasting, but you have a house, sorry early Victorian manse the size of a rock star's mansion. And you're a better interior decorator. Okay.
  7. What a surprise, Rush fans have found something new to criticize.
  8. Hardly worth it, but I'm bored. QUOTE (cooper77 @ Sep 7 2011, 06:03 PM)1. Another concert dvd (possible album?). Remember the every 4 album days? Basically same stuff rehashed. R30 last RUSH DVD I purchased. They won't be around that much longer, so I'll gladly buy a DVD of every tour. I would also buy DVDs of shows in my city, if available. If only we had DVDs of the Rush, FBN, CoS, 2112, AFTK, H, and PeW tours. QUOTE (cooper77 @ Sep 7 2011, 06:03 PM)2. Is this Time Machine album going to get made? And we get it, Neil Sucks. Why does this remind me of a reani14 thread?
  9. PariahDog

    Face Up

    QUOTE (ghostworks @ Sep 2 2011, 09:26 AM)the production: terrible (Rupert knew what he was doing with The Fixx, but he shaped Rush into a weird, sterile, robotic mockery of themselves - almost unforgivable) The production on RTB improved from Presto, but sadly the songwriting dropped off a bit. There's not really a bad song on Presto (still don't get the hate for Superconductor?), but RTB has three pretty weak tracks. Luckily, they rebounded big time with CP. I don't know what was going on with Presto/RTB, but even from the opening moments of CP it seems like a weight was lifted off Rush's shoulders. My cover band played a few corporate events where we were told "don't play too hard" or "try to hold back a bit." This is the impression I get from the Rupert Era, especially Presto, like Rupert was telling Rush to restrain themselves in their playing. This plus the thin, trebly sounds on P/RTB was not a great combo.
  10. PariahDog

    Face Up

    QUOTE (micgtr71 @ Sep 1 2011, 05:18 PM)This was the crack in the wall for me. I tried to give Superconductor a fair try, but when I heard Face Up, I allowed myself to dislike a Rush song. I never wanted to and I never thought that it would happen (hell, I even like Tai Shan). This song, however, paved the way for a short list of songs by Rush that I do not like. Tai Shan and High Water were the first new Rush songs that were a letdown, but I didn't DISLIKE them. So for me, too, Face Up was the first Rush song I actually disliked, after becoming a fan in about 1984. Thanks, Rupert! My "short list" would be: Face Up Neurotica You Bet Your Life Test For Echo Dog Years Virtuality (Very borderline: Tai Shan, Totem, Limbo, Freeze)
  11. PariahDog

    Face Up

    This is September 1st not April 1st, so you must be serious. Face Up is on my very short list of disliked Rush songs, which also includes Neurotica and especially You Bet Your Life. The Choir Of Rupert backing vocals just ruin Face Up for me.
  12. QUOTE (Jaminbenb @ Sep 1 2011, 10:33 AM)Rick and his tech had the manuals out on one of his keyboards and was trying to figure something out, They were probably trying to figure out how to get rid of those cheesey presets that Rick used on ABWH. Seriously, ABWH has not aged well for me, mostly due to those thin-sounding digital keys. (Actually, Rick's keyboard choices seemed to become questionable even way back on Tormato.) ABWH just doesn't click with me for some reason. On paper it should be great, with that lineup and production by Chris Kimsey (Marillion). But I just listened to it last week, and can't recall anything too memorable. I'll give it another shot this weekend. I do remember Teakbois.
  13. I like it, but do think it's <slightly> overrated. Though it has some epic parts, it seems to go on just a bit longer than it should. For non-sidelong epics, I probably prefer TCE, Cygnus, or Xanadu. I do hope there's a new mid-length epic on CA. It's a format that Rush does really well.
  14. 1. Moving Pictures -Rush's best balancing of guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keys. -Rush's best-sounding album: guitar, drums, everything. -Insane musicianship: TS, RB, YYZ, etc. -Alex's best solo: Limelight. -Great front and back cover. -Perfect vocal range for Ged, down from the stratosphere but not too low (Presto, RTB). -Great lyrics, including Neil's best sci-fi/fantasy lyrics (RB). -Analog synths instead of digital. -Perfect blending of prog and rock. 2. Permanent Waves 3. Hemispheres 4. 2112 5. AFTK
  15. Not that they've been in any hurry , but I do hope they take their time finishing CA. I want Nick to have plenty of time to wear down their resistance and have them bring back some Moog, Oberheim, and more Taurus pedals. Hearing all of Geoff Downes' vintage synth on the new Yes album really makes me crave some analog synth on CA. Nothing too crazy, just about the level of keys they had on MP would be perfect. I think vintage analog synth integrated with the new fatter Rush sound from Nick R would sound amazing. The increased usage of keys in BU2B gives me hope, so come on Nick!
  16. PariahDog

    Just Saw BTLS

    I just heard Moving Pictures, and it's pretty sweet.
  17. QUOTE (Hatchetaxe&saw @ Aug 26 2011, 05:28 PM) IMagnification. Good songs, great arrangements and In The Presence Of is a latter day classic. Yesymphonic tour kicked ass too. I love the Symphonic Live DVD. That version of Gates of Delerium is unreal. Magnification doesn't work as well for me, though it probably still ranks third. It seems like they could have done much more with the orchestral parts.
  18. I've been listening to a lot of Yes to see how Fly From Here stacks up, and was curious to see what everyone thinks of their late period. I picked Big Generator as their last "classic" album, because I think it's only after BG that Yes really seems to be all over the place. I included ABWH since many seem to regard it as essentially a Yes album. Anyway, after listening to it all again, I'm afraid that Yes' later period is pretty mediocre. There's not a lot here that I find myself wanting to go back and listen to. I do like the Rabin tracks on Union and also much of Talk. I think Rabin serves as a good counterbalance to Jon in the studio, which he seems to need. Magnification is also pretty good, but Keys and Ladder don't seem to click with me. Open Your Eyes is just . But overall, I picked Fly From Here. There may be some honeymoon effect, but FFH seems very strong to me compared to the rest of Yes' late era. I think the songwriting is very good, and I love Downes' keyboards in this album. Benoit does okay, but it's really a shame that Jon wasn't included in the project. Talk is a fairly close second, mostly for Endless Dream. So, what say you?
  19. QUOTE (trenken @ Aug 22 2011, 08:07 AM) QUOTE (nicole @ Aug 21 2011, 06:19 AM) all singers abilities change over time..age changes everything. geddy's still got pipes!! digital effect mixing boards can help Geddy too onstage when they play live! I really felt like he was using something on the HYF tour. There was a vast difference in his vocal quality from PoW to HYF. I'm convinced something happened between those albums. When you listen to ASOH, he sounds like a robot or something, his vocals are definitely being pumped through some sort of device on that tour, I always assumed to try and help smooth out his voice. But it was the 80s, noone cared, that kind of silliness was pretty normal, but now I'm not sure it would fly. Could you imagine this board if he started singing through a machine to make his voice sound better? Total meltdown on this board if that happened. Actually, I think there was speculation that they autotuned Ged's vocals on the "Replay X 3" re-released version of ASOH. There was a long thread on here about this with clips from TSOR. I was hugely skeptical, but I checked my own DVD and I think there may be some truth to this. There was one phrase in particular ("bright antenna?") where I think you really can hear the dreaded Cher autotune effect. Having said that, I don't remember ever hearing autotune evidence on any of their other live DVDs or ever hearing this live. I do think Ged sounded a little rough on TSOR (opening song) on the TM tour, but he settled very quickly into a pretty good vocal tone and pitch for the rest of the show. I think next tour they'll very likely pick an easier song (vocally) for Ged to warm up with, as TSOR is pretty tough. EDIT: 1 or 7 beat me to it.
  20. QUOTE (tick @ Aug 19 2011, 06:30 PM)Do you really think Neal Peart is a better drummer then Mike Portnoy? He absolutely is not. I'm a guitar player who fiddles around on Roland V-Drums in my music room, so I don't know who's technically "better." But Neil has always seemed more of a musician, while Mike is more of a drummer. If I could jam with one or the other, it would definitely be Neil. Not just for nostalgia, I'd be more interested to see what he would come up with.
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