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  1. Good morning! It's a beautiful sunny morning here. A little extra special also I am booking off my vacation time for my first Rush show in Pittsburgh. Yay!
  2. QUOTE (Celine @ May 23 2007, 03:45 PM) The recap version was basically a "the last 3 seasons in fast forward" version. I enjoyed it, but it's not essential to your viewing pleasure...unless of course you've missed chunks of the show and are, pardon the pun, lost. Watch it when you get a chance...it'll give you some "oh, yeah, I forgot about that"s....but no need to catch it before tonight's two hour season finale, which unfortunately (unfortunate for American Idol) is going to intersect with American Idol's season finale. But since I know that Idol is going to be 2.5 hours of I wonder who won...the girl who can sing or the guy w/ no lips...and who the heck cares now that the most talented singer got voted out....but I digress.....sorry.... Let me start over. I'll be sure to watch Lost tonight, Jack. Thanks for the reminder. Celine Thanks for the recap of the recap! Methinks I shall locate that and watch it tonight as a warmup for the finale. On a Lost-Fanatic-Scale I am probably 8/10 so I am familiar with the show - but there are always little teeny things from the past that slip your mind. Enjoy!
  3. QUOTE (Jack Aubrey @ May 23 2007, 02:28 PM) Don't forget-the season finale of 'Lost' will be showing one hour earlier tonight! 9 PM, EST. IT'S THE SEASON FINALE TONIGHT?! OH CRAP! By the way no way Locke is actually dead. *Schwarzie voice* "He'll be back". I'm all caught up with eppies except the recap episode - is it worth watching?
  4. Judge Judy could pound me with that gavel of hers anytime.
  5. I am sorry but the fact the Monica Bellucci is not on that list prevents me from casting a vote. *drool*
  6. AS much as there are seven GLORIOUS tracks I can pick only one.... That one would be Spindrift
  7. Very tough call between Limbo and Time and Motion... I actually listened to both songs once again before voting for TIME AND MOTION. This is my first week playing along with these Survivor threads - and even as a rookie I can see how tough some votes must be once you're really down to the core songs of an album.
  8. 33 and male. The only reason I wish I was older was so I could have attended some of those Rush tours back in the 70s and 80s.
  9. I strognly vote Half the World. Time and Motion at least I can appreicate for the immense mood cloud it creates - even if it is quite dark or depressing it is still powerful. "Days connect like box cars in a train..." I find myself singing that lyric all the time. Maybe I need a new job.
  10. QUOTE (treeduck @ Apr 3 2007, 05:32 PM) If you want a truly overrated director then here it is, I give you M. Night Shyamalan... Truer words have never been spoken. That guy puts out nothing but dog droppings. I put his films on my permanent blacklist.
  11. Excellent! I really hope we'll finally get to see Scully's tits.
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