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    Ontario, Canada

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    Las Vegas MGM Grand, July 25th 2015
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    u gotta be kidding right?
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    Permanent Waves
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    Meeting Alex and Geddy at our hotel in Rotterdam during Snakes and Arrows tour... getting to photograph them perform twice.
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    guitar(s), novice bass, novice drums

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  1. Where've you been hiding mate??
    1. Godeater2112


      Hey Pat!!!! How the hell have you been man? I've been busy as dozens of f***s at work and haven't been doing the forum thing too much. Excited about this tour though, are you getting to see the boys this time around?



    2. treeduck


      Hey Chris, get back on here ASAP! I've been good thanks, how you been doing? I don't know, we'll have to see if RUSH come over to Europe on this tour!
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