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  1. moving pictures. the early prog rock might scare away new listeners.
  2. thank you very much yes took me a while to get the badge i mainly float in and out during tour time
  3. if pluto is a planet then eris is a planet. and i'm ok with that.
  4. Test for Echo is an alomost forgotten album
  5. Any volunteer firefighters or EMT's on the board? I've been an EMT for two years, not I'm going through my FF1 class.
  6. i forgot how cheezy that video was
  7. the king tut maneuver was a bit much.
  8. http://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/styles/full_width_feature/public/thumbnails/image/nh-071315_falsecolorcomposite.jpg
  9. I prefer the ESL Xanadu to the AFTK
  10. try pre-ordering through a local record store
  11. I like Psycho, great tune. i'm luke warm on revolt. Reapers and Globalists are my favorites off of drones.
  12. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/nick-caves-teenage-son-arthur-dies-after-cliff-fall-20150715
  13. only 2 of those are albums. the rest are compilations and shouldn't count.
  14. furie

    Happy Bastille Day!

    Bastille. It's French for "Why are you stabbing me? I just released you from prison?
  15. furie

    My Favorite Headache

    absolutely. don't just give it a listen, immerse yourself in it.
  16. Hold Your Fire is my least favorite Rush album
  17. i went into the MSG show spoiler free
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