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  1. I sent something to Denver as well. I ended my note with thank you for the musical journey I have traveled on the last 30 years. Hopefully it will continue...
  2. It has an extra energy to it. I have heard better set lists in previous tours but it stands up well this time around. i only went to one show but the crowd was into it and had a great mix of die hards and young fans. Hemispheres and Xanadu were my favorite.
  4. They were $300 or less and were SIGNED!!!!!!!
  5. He was with his wife..I went for a beer and somehow they struck up a conversation with my Girlfriend. I had my Rush shirt on. BTW Foreigner and Night Ranger put on a hell of a show.
  6. yeah, I don't get it either. "this song sounds like shit because I knew they would be playing it." ? seems like an older person vs young person thing. people our age don't give a shit, and I guess for everybody else not knowing the set makes you feel young again? I dunno. Would you go to a movie knowing the ending? Read a book's last chapter first? Maybe..but you wouldn't be as surprised would you? Still enjoy it but to each his own. This would have been the first tour in a long while without knowing the setlist. Just trying to fight it till Thursday :)
  7. I think I need to avoid the internet for a few days. Another NON-spoiler page and unfortunately saw a couple of photos of the stage. it useless...
  8. I think its somewhat a big deal. Night wont suck but rather be pleasantly surprised. I've waited this long don't want some dick shoving his phone in my face when I'm seeing the show Thursday.
  9. FYI....Concert Photos are spoilers I went to the Foreigner concert Friday and sat next to a Rush fan..who decided to try and show me the streaming setlist..WTF. I saw one song when he stuck his phone in my face. I was ready to punch his ass.
  10. can you give full list.. i dont tweet :)
  11. A month stay in Vegas would work. Neil could travel home on off days.
  12. I haven't received an e-mail or tickets for the St Louis show. When should i start to panic?
  13. I never thought of skipping the tour all together. I just cant afford to see multiple shows like in the past. I just wish "good tickets" would have fallen into fans hands and not the "open scalper infested market". In the past i was able to get 10th row or better for under $250 a copy.
  14. Not true. Even in situations with "ticketless entry", which requires the purchaser to show up in person and provide their credit card in order to get in, scalping is still prevalent due to venues and TM's policy of being able to transfer tickets. That is the loophole. The ONLY way to stop scalpers is for people to stop buying from them. If no one bought from Stub Hub. guess what? It wouldn't exist. When people don't pay the price for TM's "platinum seats", they go back into the regular ticketing pool and are sold for what would normally be face value for those seats. Wanna stop the game? Don't play!! You should not be able to transfer any ticket either. It would be impossible and for a "scalper" to travel to every venue they have tickets for. 1. Will call only 2. No transfers 3. Must have credit card and ID.
  15. They never should have allowed VIP tickets to be picked up until the day of the show. PERIOD!. Will call would have taken the scalper out of the mix. IMO
  16. a few other points The venue in Little rock hosted Fleetwood Mac, Van Halen (reunion), and Elton John. So it would accommodate Rush. Memphis has been overlooked not only by RUSH but other bands as well. Backroom dealings to get an NBA team to Memphis made a pact with the devil. They can block anything at any time. Hell taxpayers also paid for a parking garage that is missing a floor...paid for it but it never was built.
  17. I think the most passionate fans may not necessarily have enough spare coin to justify paying what it costs for a Platinum ticket, let alone more than one. When Ticketmaster refers to the 'most passionate fans', I think their definition is something a bit different from mine. Passion does not necessarily equal thousands upon thousands of disposable dollars in the bank. LOL...no kidding, eh? You gotta love that. I guess despite owning every Rush release, in almost every format, as well as with over half the items sold on the Backstage Club, going to multiple shows every tour since I've been a fan, being a member of TRF, and overall being a fan of literally every song they've ever written... ...the fact that I don't have disposable income to just drop $500-$1000 on a $150 dollar ticket means I'm just not that passionate of a Rush fan. Who would've thunk it?! The casual fan..the most passionate fan..whoever, shouldn't have to pay exorbitant prices for any concert.. never knew fan = how much money you have to shell for tickets. Maybe they should equate traveling expenses, hotel, gas, food, wear on your vehicle, ect
  18. "Our" gripes are justified.... Ticketmaster's website and system sucks as well. How many of you had the site crash in the middle of a purchase? I had 10th row seats for Chicago until it crashed and 7th row for New Orleans as well. So not only are scaplers, brokers, ect getting tickets but when you finally get through its a damn crap shoot if the system will run smoothly enough to purchase.
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