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  1. Deltron 3030, his album is amazing. a concept album about rap in the future. Josh Eppard, the old drummer from coheed's album is damn good. the past few months i have had Kid Cudi's the Man on the Moon : End of Days in steady rotation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJa5_2wqN_I Common is another really good one.
  2. Hope when i saw them in New Orleans in 2008
  3. i wasnt a fan of them until i heard snacktime...now i love them.
  4. Holy crap this thread got awkward fast
  5. I love the book, and i let someone borrow it, but never got it back. but masked rider is also very good. i love his writing style.
  6. I really like the dinner at the hunting lodge. i laughed my ass off
  7. I got a t-shirt with my ticket, and it came after a few weeks and its awesome!
  8. I like the setlist, and even if i didnt like the setlist i would still go because it's still Rush. the only song i'm not as thrilled to hear is Stick It Out, but by golly, i will still sing along and air drum, air guitar, etc to my favorite band.
  9. Blind Guardian is one of the best. Their earlier albums, Battalions of Fear and Follow the Blind are more of the 80's thrash sounding, but after that they started going for a more symphonic sound with that epic feel. Their last album, A Twist in the Myth, was very good. i highly recommend that one as well as A Night at the Opera and Nightfall in Middle-Earth. Here are some other kickass power metal bands with a recomended album. Dragonland - Astronomy Rhapsody - Anything by them is awesome. Keldian - i forget the name of their album but the song The Last Frontier is bitchin. Hammerfall Ed Guy - the song Superheroes is radically awesome
  10. saw Toy Story 3 last night and holy crap. simply amazing. i laughed my ass off at a few parts. I am very close to the first and 2nd one. i was 7 years old when the 1st one came out,and i'm almost 22 now. so seeing this conclusion to the series definetly tugged a little. I was very pleasant at how they took it though. i give it 5/5 stars.
  11. I cannot wait!!!! i will probably see it on friday since thats payday and right now i have 3 dollars in my checking account, haha. I LOVE toy story 1. my parents bought it for me on dvd for easter and i watched it. it was like being 7 all over again. and i saw the double feature in 3D when it was out, and its just amazing how those movies still hold up, even as im reaching almost 22 years old now. these movies are timeless and are instant classics.
  12. I remember the New Orleans show back in 08, and the guys hawking the beer were saying things like "BUD LIGHT! THE OFFICIAL RUSH BEER!" or "Get Your Favorite Rush Beer, a Cold Bud Light!" it was hilarious
  13. QUOTE (friendlyvoice @ Jun 14 2010, 05:41 PM) Thoughtful post and I agree with you...but be prepared for some negative responses from those who've GOT to have their booze, weed, or whatever at the show. My enjoyment of the last show I saw (New Orleans in '08) was curtailed a bit by the clowns blowing their dope smoke in my direction through most of the show. Worse yet, they weren't really fans...just posers there to see some live rock and smoke dope. Whatever. I live 25 miles from a major university (which I attended), but quit going to football games years ago because I wanted to--imagine this--watch the football game, rather than fight with drunken idiots. wwwwoooooooow, wasnt the N'Oleans show the best?! i was moved incredibly by Hope that night.
  14. i already got my ticket with my dad, and the t-shirt. i cant wait. why cant october be tomorrow
  15. i am very cautious on jacob's ladder, its a great song, but just seems to drag a little with over-repetetivness (if that even makes sense) but when Alex said they are doing a different arrangement for it, thats when my ears perked. so now that we have JL and TCE half of this forum can stop complaining they never play it. lol
  16. if they have this VIP thing for tampa, my dad and i will most likely do this. we have until october to save up. My pops even said "screw lawn seats, we are gonna be f***in close"
  17. finally, now everyone can stop bitching about how they never play TCE
  18. at least you dont have to wait until october to see them
  19. looks like i'll be late to class tomorrow because of this. gotta leave at 8, waking up at 7:45, geeking till 7:15
  20. I love James Taylor. saw him live in Pensacola a few years back. just amazing!
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