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  1. Grilled Caprese-style portobello
  2. Phoenix Mercury much better in the half court game, ends Q2 on a 10-0 run. Indiana is a good fast break/transition scoring team, but their half court sets are pretty weak. Their coach recently called for Caitlin to shoot more, but their doesn't seem to be much in place to make that happen.
  3. Outside of riding in a car while my buddy's mom played her ABBA Super Trouper cassette, I don't think I've ever listened to an entire ABBA album. While I live a lot if their songs, I'm not sure I need to. Props to you for putting in the work to rank these!
  4. A shooting foul call is called during an Indiana layup and, as both teams huddle up in close proximity, a tussle breaks out. wnBa, lol
  5. Indiana Fever, after getting down 0-8 to Phoenix Mercury, cut it to a 2 pt Phoenix lead two minutes into the 2nd period. Indiana's Aliyah Boston leads all players with 10 pts and 5 rebounds. Brittany Griner just committed a flagrant foul during a dead ball for a technical foul... And Clark makes the free throw. Fever get a stop and Clark drives by the Phoenix defense for a layup.
  6. Midnight Oil - Red Sails in the Sunset Midnight Oil - Place Without a Postcard Midnight Oil - Species Deceases Punk passion with proggish sensibilities
  7. For me it's "Fame" I see it's already at #40 Foreigner - Hot Blooded
  8. Those are songs you want to hear MORE on the radio?
  9. Feudin' is a southern tradition!
  10. In their respective team losses, both the Fever and Sky faced superior defenses that focused efforts on shutting down the two rookie phenoms, Clark and Reese. In spite of that, the pair racked up impressive stats, with Clark putting up 15 pts, 7 assists and 6 rebounds while Reese had 18 pts and 11 rebounds of her own. Both looked outclassed by more experienced position players from the other team, with Jewel Loyd scoring 34 pts and A'ja Eilson putting up 31. Caitlin reached another milestone in reaching 300 points, 100 assists and 100 rebounds quicker than any player in WNBA history.
  11. Down 19pts, the Fever have cut it to 9. And that quick, it's back to 13
  12. Is it hard to get a card in Bama?
  13. Fever taking on the Seattle Storm and it ain't going well for Caitlin and Co. Jewel Lloyd had 23 pts in the first half With 13 seconds to go in the half Indiana finally decides to run a play for that Clark kid. Bucket.
  14. 1. Cheap Trick - Gonna Raise Hell 2. ACDC - Overdose 3. Sabbath - Neon Knights 4. Queen - It's Late 5. Scorpions - China White
  15. Do the imported out-of-state gummy model?
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