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  1. Sorry. I meant to say that I watched the LatinX broadcast.
  2. How focused are WNBA teams on containing Caitlin Clark? In May already, in on-ball screens she'd been blitzed/doubled 57 times this season, more than any other TEAM, let alone any other player.
  3. LOVE: Stevie Nicks/Tom Petty - Stop Draggin My Heart Around Robert Plant/Sandy Denny - Battle of Evermore "Oh, dance in the dark of night, sing to the morning light" Chris Cornell/Eddie Vedder - Hunger Strike "I'm going hungryyyyy" "Going hungry, eaaah!" Prince/Sheena Easton - U Got The Look "You sho nuff do be cookin' in my book"
  4. On the American continent, the US fell to Uruguay 0-1 on a very controversial no-call on what appeared to be a clear offside player. Even after video review, the goal stood. I was watching the Latin broadcast in Spanish and they were stunned.
  5. Girl is Mine. But you can add Ebony & Ivory
  6. Horrible penalty shot call in extra time, was glad that Ronaldo got stoned on the try. Slovenia had their chance at 1:15 but couldn't cash in. Good on Slovenia for giving a solid effort. to the Portuguese keeper
  7. Like : Don Henley/Stevie Nicks - Leather & Lace Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton - Islands In The Stream Lionel Ritchie/Dianna Ross - Endless Love Dislike: McCartney & Michael Jackson - Ebony & Ivory...err...Girl Is Mine Bowie & Jagger - Dancing In The Streets
  8. Who knew golfing with your students would be such a big deal?
  9. Indiana Fever defeat the Phoenix Mercury in their first head to head game. Phoenix veteran and WNBA great Diana Taurasi famously dismissed Caitlin Clark's potential as a rookie saying "Reality is coming". We'll, reality came, as Clark out-performed Taurasi and finished with 15pts, 9 reb and 12 asst.
  10. Out of the timeout Phoenix inbounds to Griner who boots it off her foot to Kelsey Mitchell, who is fouled. Mitchell makes both and the Fever are up by 5 with 12.9 to go. Clark ends the game one rebound away from a triple double, with 15-9-12. Taurasi finishes 19-3-3. Reality has come!
  11. Mitchell hits the midrange jumper off a curl cut. Fever go up 83-82 and follow with a defensive stop. 21 seconds to go and Indiana has the ball. This time the coach is smart enough to use the reset timeout to advance to half court. Ball unbounded to Clark who is fouled. Huge cheer as she makes both to put Indy up by 3. The game is in Phoenix
  12. Fever battles back late in the 4th after a flagrant foul and then a shooting foul sends Indiana to the line. Free throws get them within 1pt. Two Phoenix free throws ate followed by an and-1 by Mitchell and the Fever go up 81-80. Griner ties it with a free throw. 81-81 with a minute to go.
  13. Four straight possessions, Indiana passes up open jumpshots to ram it inside into double and triple teams. Clark once again absent from the offense shooting-wise during the 4th qtr. 6pt Phoenix lead...
  14. Spent the last two days on a paint job doing prep work like scraping and brushing worn siding, crawling under eaves, humping ladders. I had to laugh at how glad I was that it wasn't my full time job.
  15. Midway through the 3rd qtr, Indiana's Mitchell finally scores with a three, then Carter drains one. Caitlin feeds Boston on a fastbreak, and Mitchell drains another three. Smith does the same, then Carter feeds Boston again. And the Fever go up by 10! Phoenix responds to end Q3 with buckets by Taurasi and Griner, and they ramp up their defense and cut the Indiana lead to three pts. Carter with 12-8-10 so far. Taurasi with 16-2-1. Reality is coming, lol.
  16. Grilled Caprese-style portobello
  17. Phoenix Mercury much better in the half court game, ends Q2 on a 10-0 run. Indiana is a good fast break/transition scoring team, but their half court sets are pretty weak. Their coach recently called for Caitlin to shoot more, but their doesn't seem to be much in place to make that happen.
  18. Outside of riding in a car while my buddy's mom played her ABBA Super Trouper cassette, I don't think I've ever listened to an entire ABBA album. While I live a lot if their songs, I'm not sure I need to. Props to you for putting in the work to rank these!
  19. A shooting foul call is called during an Indiana layup and, as both teams huddle up in close proximity, a tussle breaks out. wnBa, lol
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