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  1. 'SCHLAAAAAAND!!!! There it is, the late match equalizer off the post!
  2. What shocks me is a millenial parenting style that is so common: Helicopter parenting in terms of keeping kids safe from physical injury, but exposing kids to portrayal of extreme violence and sexuality at young ages.
  3. I'm curious, is this a meme post or really what you believe? I have a brother in law who was/is a staunch Reagan supporter. When I pointed out that he could be called the Father of Deficit Spending he would go off. But not all conservatives think like that, especially more libertarian types, so I'm careful with 'they-ism"
  4. For those I know it depends on the social circle, and the type of control, pretty much along predictable political lines
  5. Well, Spain got one in and looks to be working the possession game perfectly through the 70 min mark. Germany has given us a bit of excitement with solid scoring chances at 68:30 & 71:00
  6. Corn on the cob and peach pie as well. Geez, I'm stuffed
  7. Spain-Germany tomorrow 9am PST! You think the Spanish will take out the hosts, eh?
  8. Jaws Amazon Prime sometimes plays up to 3 minutes of commercials before a movie, but the film is uninterrupted after that. Seems fair and gives time to make popcorn
  9. In a side note, the coach of tonight's losing team, the Lynx, is Cheryl Reeve, who will be coaching the Olympic team. Tonight the Lynx made a late 3-pointer to get within three points with enough time to get a stop or foul and potentially tie the game for overtime. Off the timeout, the Lynx got beat deep on a breakaway for a game-winning uncontested lay up. Oops.
  10. Two of the WNBS's top teams faced off with the Connecticut Sun taking on the Minnesota Lynx. It was a low-scoring defensive battle, which made it a bit dull. Lots of shot clock violations or near violations, with wild off-target shots. On a humorous note, in a league with such a high % of lesbian players I had to chuckle at one of the names on the Sun's roster: DeWanna Bonner.
  11. It's blazing hot, so I made a glass of lazy man's sangria mixing red wine, ice, and OJ
  12. The caption: "One of the greatest plays in Gamecock history" Depends what side of the ball you're on, I suppose. The defensive strategy seemed to be to defend the impossibly long backdoor lob pass for the tie and not worry too much about the direct pass to the top of the arc for the potential game-winner. In fairness, Cardoso had never made a 3-pointer before
  13. Hot, and getting hotter. 100+ by the weekend.
  14. I can't think of anything Paul's been in that I didn't like
  15. Grilled pork loins, power greens salad S'mores for dessert.
  16. The Holdovers with Paul Giamatti. Really well done.
  17. Iron Maiden - Killers Alice In Chains - Dirt A personal RUSH mix of fav tracks Vital Signs and later
  18. Lmao! 10pts, 19 rebounds. IT'S ANOTHER DOUBLE DOUBLE!
  19. One of the automatic sprinkler valves in our lawn system has been acting up and I've been having to manually turn it on. I thought I might have to replace it, and it's an old system that was glued on instead of with couplers, so that would have been a pain. Before taking that job on I figured I'd just take the existing one apart and see if cleaning the diaphram would help. Eight screws out, a good washing, and eight screws in and...DISCO! Whew!
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