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  1. Two 14 Hands red blends: "Run Wild" and "Hot to Trot"
  2. Quick to judge, quick to anger...slow to understand
  3. Witch Hunt Haven't listened to this one in a long time
  4. An interesting article on what constitutes an assist, with focus on Rondo: https://thejumpball.net/2018/01/02/how-the-nba-is-getting-assists-wrong/
  5. First mention of Suite Madame Blue. What a great song!
  6. Angry Young Man us another I really like. Someone [young] should make a list for ranking or a poll
  7. Come Sail Away is my pick, with Renegade a close second. Lorelei was a great call! I'm partial to Borrowed Time as well
  8. LABT, I'd be interested in your thoughts on this analysis of Caitlin Clark's performance compared to past outstanding rookies:
  9. North Cascades is beautiful, but west of where I am, which is the Okanogan Valley, north central WA. The Cascade Highway is a slow but incredibly scenic way to get from east to west
  10. Another 900 mile road trip to north central WA!!!
  11. I've seen Hagar twice, once in 1984-85 on the I Can't Drive 55 tour (VOA) and later in the 2000s at Lake Tahoe (Montrose opened the show!). Both shows were great. I'd never been a fan till I saw him live, but his energy and commitment to entertaining the crowd made me a convert.
  12. Yesterday Angel Reese tied the WNBA record of twelve consecutive double-doubles, plus her team got the win over one of the league's better teams, the Seattle Storm. Reese's performance sparked a lot of reaction in the media with many now declaring Angel the new frontrunner for Rookie of the Year. Caitlin Clark's response? Hold my beer... Today Clark became the first ever WNBA rookie to record a triple double, with 19pts, 12reb and 13asst. The achievement is applied in that it came against the league's top team, the 3-loss NY Liberty, and against the reigning league MVP. Ar 9-13, the Fever now sit comfortably in 8th place and just a half game behind the Chicago Sky. Having survived the league's toughest schedule, Indiana is in good position to rack up plenty more wins after the Olympic break and almost certain to make the playoffs.
  13. I've worked processing ballots and the number of straight party voters is shocking. I'm appalled that some states actually allow straight ticket voting as an option. Low-info voting combined with billions in campaign spending is why I oppose primaries and prefer the caucus system. The rise in the primary system has led to too many extreme candidates getting on the ballot
  14. And a perfect German cross is followed by a MISSED header! That was so close!
  15. Espana!!!!! What a beautifully executed header!!!
  16. 'Autochange' sounds like the woke equivalent of the Jewish Bar Mitzva for a 13yo
  17. Crazy, especially as Germany was getting so many good chances prior to the equalizer
  18. Oh, Magoo, you've done it again! Shouldn't those autocorrect? In editing the post, autocorrect suggested: for "pist - "pistol", "piston" For "calked" - "talked " , 'walked" None of those make sense in context
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