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  1. ^^^ doesn't recognize standard fire-safety procedures
  2. I voted BTW. Don't tell my buddy Jeff. His favorite track from this release. I've never enjoyed it much (reminds me too much of Nadya's theme at the start).
  3. Analog Kid mounting a comeback!
  4. chinese tonight! lemon prawns! mmmmm....
  5. QUOTE (Fridge @ Nov 13 2006, 10:15 AM) ^^^ Hasn't worked out that theres no way a male would call himself "Goose"
  6. 4 days last week (Vet's Day) 4 days this week (conferences) 3 days next week (Thanksgiving) November rules!
  7. ^^^ thinks envy is a fancy kind of lettuce
  8. a relative was having his fruit trees nibbled by bighorn sheep, so he shot two of them bighorn sheep are a protected species those turned out to be some very expensive trees after all the fines
  9. had cheesecake twice today might have a third piece later could be the perfect food
  10. Tahoe was beautiful Got new runners (addidas) Lost to my daughter in HORSE
  11. Moment of silence. Wake! OK. I've moved on.
  12. I suspect he's quite popular with the ladies. Why do think he's never shown from the waist down?
  13. it's sunny! chilly, too! A beautiful morning! signed, M. Poppins
  14. QUOTE (Earthshine @ Nov 12 2006, 06:14 AM) Digital Man- a different and fun little tune. The Analog Kid- Typical 80's Rush! Rockin'! Subdivisions- Great tune. Which leaves us with that Weapon!
  15. Neil Young - the Needle & the Damage Done
  16. I've only seen one episode, on a free weekend preview. Based on tha epispode alone, the show looks amazing. Great idea, very well done.
  17. QUOTE (Slime @ Nov 11 2006, 12:16 PM) the elimination of NWM proves that democracy doesn't work Like we needed any more proof?
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