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  1. Clark with another rebound and assist as Mitchell hits a three. Lead is eight with 41 sec to go... Clark needs four rebounds for a triple double. Time for a little Angel Reese action!
  2. Clark assist to Smith to get the lead to six at 2:55. Clark gets a defensive board, Mercury fouls...
  3. So, a 20+ Indiana lead has shrunk to just nine points with 5 minutes to go. Phoenix is shooting the lights out and capitalizing on Fever fouls and turnovers (not by Clark). Mercury makes a free throw. Steal given up by Clark. Lead is four.
  4. Indiana lead is 20pts at the half. Mitchell 17pts, Clark 15-3-9. Seven of those assists were in the first quarter, and Indiana is pushing the tempo
  5. Indiana at home today taking on Phoenix. With 2:29 left in Q2, Clark goes coast to coast to extend the Fever lead to 12pts. Mitchell leading all scorers with 14pts, Caitlin with 12-3-8 so far...
  6. Yeah, "of the last 20 years" suggests to me when the guitarist broke onto the scene. Still, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran?
  7. I was just looking at the stats and LMAO. Beauty post! Sure enough, the ESPN headline reads: "WNBA rookie tracker: Reese's double-double streak reaches 15 in Sky loss at Liberty"
  8. At the Kettlehouse in Bonner, Montana with the wife to see Jewel and Melissa Ethridge. It'll be a good show, Im suee, but in the lav I saw a posting that in a week it's Primus with Coheed & Cambria
  9. Well all be dead before then, cuz climate
  10. Tommy Shaw's stuff tops my list of Styx songs, followed by Drnnis DeYoung. Not much of a fan of James' stuff, or his voice
  11. In their game, the Fever were down three with 16 sec to go. Here's how it ended for them... Jade Melbourne with a defensive rebound. 15.5 Kelsey Mitchell misses a 3-point jump shot from 26 feet out. 16.2 Fever take a full timeout.
  12. Caitlin with 29-5-13 in a loss while Reese gets 11 & 13 with a win. The respective teams are 9-13 & 9-12 on the season.
  13. A statistical case against Angel Reese as rookie of the year: https://www.outkick.com/sports/angel-reese-stats-chicago-sky-wnba-rookie-year "...The problem is that many of Reese's rebounds come on her own missed layups. In fact, Reese only makes 44% of her layups. She's attempted 185 layups this season and 40 of them have been blocked...Reese has blocked seven opponent shots this season, less than one block for every two games she has played. For reference, Caitlin Clark has 17 blocks this season..."
  14. Eesh! I remember a couple of years ago it got over 100 over there. My buddy in Shelton* lost some of his cedar trees when it hit 104. *where I graduated HS
  15. I have no idea what these would run, cost wise. But you had me at "Caskof43". PM me if you want to share that info.
  16. Well, I'm making up for the beer you're not drinking I'm in the Okanogan Valley, on the WA side, and it's hot! Thankfully we have ice cold Kokanee on hand
  17. "Amongst all players, [ Caitlin] Clark has scored or assisted on more baskets than any other player, meaning she could have a case to be in the Most Valuable Player conversation, in addition to...Rookie of the Year."
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