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  1. ...gonna play it safe, Limelight from the ESL video...goosebumps...
  2. Rush would have fizzled after Fly By Night....no 70s producer* would have agreed to the musical direction of COS, much less 2112. *the assumption Rush would have a relatively unknown producer looking for radio hits to help his own career...if they were lucky enough to get a known commodity, Geddy would have been fired as singer :P
  3. :boo hiss: ok... I found one that isn`t better live. Listen to a version on uToob, and well, underwhelming to say the least...I recall feeling the same way when I saw it played in '84 (Portland, ME). I also add Between the Wheels (S&A)...only because Alex completely flubs the solo.... Btw...we're comparing studio/live official releases, correct?
  4. ^^^ This...actually it may be easier to list the songs that don't sound good live....(thinking....)
  5. I certainly didn`t like p/g when it came out. I was underwhelmed with Signals and was certain p/g would restore my vision of Rush....oops. But like almost all Rush records, it took a few spins to 'get it'. Alex's playing and tone are impressive...
  6. Is he like that? Or was he in the past? He does seem to have an alcoholic's nose. I had no idea he was anything more than a pot head like all of Rush was in the seventies (at least). But I've been surprised before. It sure was a surprise when John Entwistle died of a cocaine-induced heart attack at the age of 57 in 2002. Forgot where I originally read about it - it was years ago. Whether he still is, I do not know. My post was a comment on the others who were suggesting he still is like that. I thought all this 'coke' nonsense started from a vague reference in Ghost Rider...(never read the book...so maybe I'm off base )
  7. as long as the Neil that returns is the one that loves touring and interacting with his fans, I'm good... :)
  8. Planet X-1

    John Mayall

    I was thinking Strat. ...perhaps his refurbished Hentor ? http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e25/redcirclestar/Alex1_zpsb779bdc2.jpg
  9. ^^^ This. Even the filler song is excellent...
  10. Except the majority of their stuff does sound uncannily like Led Zeppelin. I do enjoy them, but they need to find their own distinctive sound. Says the fan of many very generic "rock" bands who only dilute their sound the bigger they get *cough* Imagine Dragons *cough* EDIT: said in a spirit of jest Says the fan of Taylor Swift. :P I don't claim she's anything other than the only pop star I love. And I recognise her as a pop star and nothing more. And I don’t clain Imagine Dragons are anything but a pop band with a foundation in rock instrumentation and performance values. There is nothing "rock" about them. ...dunno...maybe "rock bottom"...
  11. "BU2B2 is a complete miss..." Couldn't agree more. I just don't get it... I sorta get what they wanted to achieve....a proggy, interlude of sorts to advance the narrative...(like they did on their early work, CoS, or even Cygnus X-1). Oh well, gotta find something to complain about... :P
  12. I think CA is a fine album, concept wise, but the production brings the rating down. Neil's drums, especially the toms, sound like they were recorded underwater, in a pineapple. As mentioned the wall-of-sound brings on ear fatigue rather quickly, I don't think I managed to listen through it one sitting. ...I miss old school albums/ tapes where you got a chance to flip it over, essentially an 'ear break' (ok, beer break). Oh, BU2B2 is a complete miss...it probably sounded like a good idea on paper or in pre-production... 7.5/10 Pros: another Rush album to bitch about Cons: the last Rush album to bitch about
  13. That's one of the greatest things I've seen :) no kidding, that was some funny s**** :P
  14. Well at least both Rush and Maiden are metal, not sure about this Greta comparison... ;)
  15. ^^^ Nice post, but I think Neil viewed 'drumming' as something to conquer, as much as a vehicle for expressing himself. His later interviews seem to convey that he climbed that mountain and wanted to move on to something else. Considering his growing physical limitations, it was a fairly logical decision he's very at ease with....
  16. Really, at least it's not about the set list... ;)
  17. I pretty much like HYF from start to finish (and yes, Highwater is one of my favorite songs) Alex rips off a few killer solos, and the band has some impressive in-song 'jams' The only drawback for me is the production/mix - it sounds like someone stuffed cotton into my headphones....
  18. Planet X-1

    Neils lyrics.

    Counterparts is lyrically fantastic to me. Especially CTTC, Double Agent and Cold Fire Cold Fire?? Holy hell. It's putrid. "It was long after midnight, when we got to unconditional love" So bad it should've been on Test For Echo. No kidding, you could have crammed that right into "I'd rather be a tortoise from Galapagos, when we got to unconditional love" "It was long after midnight, Or a span of geological time" Take that Pert! :P
  19. So if I interpret this correctly, your musical taste and the country went to shit at roughly the same time? Actually, it was the first time he became proud of 'Merica, so everything took a back seat...
  20. Vapor Trails ---> Vapor Trails Remix.... That was easy.... :P
  21. My first intro was ATWAS, and to be honest didn't even think about how Geddy`s voice sounded - I was completely blown away by Alex....the singing didn`t even register. If anything, it was a perfect fit for the songs....(still is :))
  22. The single guitar coil pick ups really was the last straw for me... :) The wimpy, glassy sound seemed so unlike Alex.. He really took a seat in the back of the station wagon as time went on... If you squint long enough, you can see Alex.... http://www.realclearlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Vacation-Car_1200-1-800x521.jpg
  23. I totally agree with you on the last category. I simply forced my self to choose one. It appears you are just a little more averse to pain than I am ;) If I had to chose something that cause me to grab the Ibuprofen, it would be Earthshine from RIR, but it's not really a solo....so...
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