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  1. How can I sleep when I'm online in this forum all day? If I miss the first fake spoiler setlist from someone's friend-of-a-friend-who-was-a-caterer's-assistant-to-the-guy-that-Gump-got-his-bologna-sandwich-from-while-the-band-rehearsed-the-whole-set-I-swear-to-God-it's-True, I'll be pissed!
  2. Heh. I'd post 75 smilies in response but I'm too tired right now.
  3. QUOTE (scheming watchmaker @ Sep 4 2012, 09:47 PM) When you type in Yokun Blade Grinder on google the ONLY site that comes up with those 3 words is THIS FORUM. No, no, no....type in "Yukon" Blade Grinder. You spelled it wrong! It'll work....trust me.
  4. QUOTE (losingit2k @ Sep 4 2012, 04:25 PM) We Know, We know,... but thanks for starting a whole new thread on it though! I'm sure the admin is loading up as we type. Are you really giving this guy heck for starting a thread? Maybe it's his way of "blowing off steam"...I seem to recall a lot of that being attributed to "the excitement building" as we move towards friday.
  5. QUOTE (Thunder Bay Rush @ Sep 4 2012, 08:27 AM) Can anyone help a "non-techie" guy from the woods of northern Canada? Jeez, you make it sound like we live in the middle of nowhere! ...oh wait, we do. Never mind. *** Check out the "Different Stages" forum when you can, that area has a lot of information you want and if it isn' there, the people that know how to answer your questions are around.
  6. The Anarchist has strings. I think Halo Effect does, too.
  7. QUOTE (FountainOfSyrinx @ Sep 2 2012, 10:15 PM) Limelight.. loved it to death on SnA. Agree. Great opener. They seemed to play it better as an opener, too, IMO...more energy from both them and the crowd since it's such a popular song.
  8. QUOTE (tommyali @ Sep 2 2012, 08:32 PM) I would like to see where's my thing played some more. Agree, absolutely. It'd be nice if it made a comeback on this tour.
  9. As an old guy here from Thunder Bay, Ontario, welcome. I don't have a real favourite instrumental. La Villa is probably the one I ahve the most fun listening to, though.
  10. QUOTE (cdaddie @ Aug 29 2012, 02:50 PM) Tickets for Winnipeg finally arrived today!!!! Mine arrived for Winnipeg yesterday.
  11. QUOTE (BrightAntennae @ Aug 30 2012, 09:33 PM) Actually, I bet one of the setlists in this thread in probably the real deal...posted by someone with connections. I hope it's me.
  12. Is anything going to be played that will have your average hardcore fan saying "Holy SHIT!" (I don't need a song name, just wondering)
  13. QUOTE (J2112YYZ @ Aug 30 2012, 06:51 AM) As for the link in the first post that provides us the real story, I wonder since we're a week away from opening night if the set has been finalized yet? I know Alex said it changes during rehearsals, but with only a short time left until the tour starts I think whatever they're playing for the tour should be set now. I read it like it was an interview they did weeks ago just being used now.
  14. The Analog Kid Grand Designs Mission Between the Wheels Time Stand Still Afterimage Emotion Detector Prime Mover
  15. I love Signals but I think two of the first three songs you listed is probably all we get. Of those, I'd prefer NWM and Analog Kid this time out, but that's just me. Subdivisions wasn't played on at least one tour, I think...Counterparts, maybe? They did a shortened version on the RTB tour previous to that. So it isn't out of the realm of possibility that they leave it out again.
  16. QUOTE (losingit2k @ Aug 29 2012, 08:50 AM) This wasn't a celebration, more of a side-comment. but if you missed it: Nice.
  17. QUOTE (losingit2k @ Aug 29 2012, 08:35 AM) QUOTE (FOH Lights @ Aug 28 2012, 11:34 AM) It was my understanding that the word went out that everything was to be kept under wraps until opening night. I was told not to expect any reliable inside info, pictures, etc. until then. Of course though, you never can tell. Not everyone respects those types of requests. I can say that the plan is to do approximately 6 songs with strings. if only 6 songs with strings, I think they will go with these: Clockwork Angels: The Anrachist Halo Effect The Wreckers The Garden Non- CA songs Losing It Manhattan Project However, I think they will play much more songs with strings if they are dragging them out with them on tour. I don't think they'll spend all that money on a string section and not utilize them. Now lets examin FOH Lights quote: QUOTE I can say that the plan is to do approximately 6 songs with strings. Now is that (Approximately) more than 6 or less? We don't know and is that in addition to the Clockwork Angel songs or Clockwork Angels songs. He didn't say in total did he? Lets face it all we can gather from this is that there's a gag order in place and that they are utilizing strings cause this leak is a little vague! You forgot the
  18. GeddysMullet is right. Rush fans are no different than fans of pretty much anything on the interwebs are.
  19. QUOTE (Grover @ Aug 28 2012, 09:55 AM) While they did drop TSOR for about half the Roll The Bones tour I think you mean the Presto tour because IIRC it was in the encore medley on the RTB tour throughout the whole tour. Limelight is one they dropped for a bit too...that may also have been on the Presto tour. Neither is going anywhere at this stage of the game, I don't think.
  20. QUOTE (circumstantial tree @ Aug 28 2012, 08:22 AM) It has nothing to do with me. I'll be at the first show anyway. Were you asking for someone else, then?
  21. QUOTE (J2112YYZ @ Aug 27 2012, 08:49 PM) Aslo, I read on last tour the setlist was posted on Rush's web page opening night. They did, sometime after the second set started. Ruined a perfectly good setlist in-thread party.
  22. Nope. That would suck. If someone doesn't want to know, excercise some self-control and just stay out of the tour forum.
  23. QUOTE (hermy @ Aug 27 2012, 12:24 PM) With opening night next Friday they will have to load out of the warehouse by this Sunday or so. That leaves them just a few days left. Everything is set and not a peep from anyone. Well done in this day and age. Impressive indeed. Is the Manchester Venue the type that someone is likely to be able to hear the dress rehearsal from outside the venue the day before? 'cause that's what it looks like we're down to waiting on...
  24. QUOTE (cdaddie @ Aug 26 2012, 10:33 AM) Has anyone received tickets for Winnipeg yet? I finally got the email this week, how long typically for them to arrive at a Canadian address once they've been shipped? Same deal here...got the email for Wpg, but no tickets yet. Probably monday or tuesday.
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