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  1. That 7" is a 1976 "Something for nothing - Fly by night" for the AWAS . That in Moon-Single is a replica I found in the House of Wax Newsletter. Sorry for the poor picture quality, took those with my mobile...
  2. Green and Blue Koreans are likely counterfeits. There was a lot of that going on in the '70s and '80s there. I'm kind of wondering about the difference in the Clockwork Angels covers.. Would you be able to post a close up of those? I'm just curious to see amy differences. I don't have the red vinyl, but I'm still considering it. Actually there are no differences in the CA covers. One ist still sealed, one is without plasticlayer, and the last has a plastic dust cover.
  3. The single´s and some I missed yesterday: http://www.brudergottfried.de/pictures/RV-3.jpg http://www.brudergottfried.de/pictures/RV-4.jpg http://www.brudergottfried.de/pictures/RV-5.jpg
  4. The green & blue labeled LP´s I found on Ebay, describsion said those are Korean relases. Anyone know any Details about them? The ABC is one time on black Vinyl and colloured Vinyl CA is the US and European release and a red viny copy limited to 300. http://www.brudergottfried.de/pictures/RV-1.jpg http://www.brudergottfried.de/pictures/RV-2.jpg
  5. I got this one from a shop called House of Wax. Somehow I received their Newsletter and nailed this one. The Prize was something about 60€. At first I have to take Pictures of my Collection bforeI can post them. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. @ ytserush : I know that this must be far from official, but as the only way to get a T4E on Vinyl I take the Chance, or I had to press my very own copy.
  6. http://www.brudergottfried.de/pictures/T4E-Front.jpg http://www.brudergottfried.de/pictures/T4E-Back.jpg
  7. What? I thought Test For Echo did not exist on vinyl!? :o I can´t tell for sure, if this is an official release. The picture disc says it´s an promotional copy. I will post some pictures as soon as I am back home.
  8. I didn't know about this one. I have the Rush/Fly By Night DLP foldout. (Pretty cool.) Didn't know they made one for Fly By Night/Caress of Steel. Was this a reissue? I'm pretty sure that this is a mistake from Phoenix. I've never heard of a FBY/COS double LP. Grey is right, I shuffled the records, of cause it the debut with FBN. Sorry for that
  9. On Vinyl: Rush (Original release & 2014 release) Fly by Night (Original release & 2015 release) Caress of Steel (Original release & 2015 release) Double Feature FBN/COS as DLP Foldout 2112 All the worlds a stage Hemispheres (Original / Red and Picture Disc) Permanent Waves Moving Pictures Signals Grace under Presure Power Windows Hold your Fire Shows of Hands Presto Roll the Bones Counterparts Test for Echo (Picture Disc) Vapor Trails (Originlal and Remaster) Feedback Snakes and Arrows Clockwork Angels (Original and Red copy) Countdown (Pictures Shape) Rush through Time (PIcture Disc) ...
  10. The intention that I don´t want to know the setlist before my Toronto. Hard task, as I will download the available bootlegs once they appear on DIME. In the past I listend to many shows before went to a show myself. But not this time. Hopefully.
  11. Me in front of a little familiar sounding Bar in Gothenburg last summer. http://www.brudergottfried.de/pictures/RL001.jpg
  12. Number 11 and 12 this Tour, both in Toronto. Look at my sig, first show was in 1992 Hannover/Germany, last show so far 2013 Berlin/Germany.
  13. THX Sundog & Lil'Sis, feels good to be back again :)
  14. My alltime Faves: Rush Mike Oldfield Porcupine Tree Marillion Blackfield EAV (Comedy Rock/Pop Band from Switzerland) Manowar Fields of the Nephilim Jean-Michel Jarre Helloween Gamma Ray Nightwish OMD Ultravox / Midge Ure Queen And many more in no order: Blackmore's Night Blutengel October Project Bryan El Running Wild Motörhead Sirenia Tiamat Therion Within Temptaion Edenbridge Accept Enigma Enya Heart of Cygnus Helmet Kitaro New Model Army Paradise Lost Pain Runrig Schiller Sonata Arctica While Heaven Wept
  15. My upcoming shows for this year so far: 15.04. Australien Pink FLoyd Show / Hannover 17.06. Rush Toronto 19.06. Rush Toronto 05.-.06.08 Mera Luna Festival / Hildesheim Sept. RPWL / Isernhagen
  16. It´s been awhile since I was around. Found a new home in The German Rush Forum, so I disapeared here. Happens somehow. But this Board still means alot to me, as I met many cool people. Sorry that I lost contact to many of you, especially ROR or SullySue. We should get in touch again. Happy belated anniversary :)
  17. Am I allowed to say that I received my copy yesterday.
  18. This is what I have so far: Rush Fly By Night Rush / Fly By Night (Double Album) Caress OF Steel 2112 All The Worlds A Stage A Farewell To Kings Hemispheres Hemispheres (Red Vinyl) Hemispheres (Pictures Disc) Permanent Waves Moving Pictures Exit Stage Left Signals Grace Under Presure Power Windows Power Windows (Picture Disc) Hold Your Fire A Show Of Hands Presto Chronicles Roll The Bones Counterparts Test for Echo (Pictures Disc) Vapor Trails Feedback Snakes & Arrows Time Machine - Moving Pictures ABC 1974 Clockwork Angels
  19. I know I hadn´t been around for some years, I know... sad but true... but would some be willing to find me a copy of the Garden Picture Disc?? The Black-Friday won´t happen in Europe, there is no Chance for me to get copy over here in Germany. Of cause I will cover Postage and Packing together with the Price of the Picture Disc. Any Help is much appriciated. PM me if so.
  20. The first German date is also confirmed. Not on Rush.com yet, but Ticket are on for sale on Eventim.de NOW. May the 29th Frankfurt (Festhalle) 2011 The same ocation where R30 was shot!
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