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  1. Recently saw Date Movie...um.... The Movie starts out with a HORRIBLY unfunny sequencewith Alyson Hannigan in a fat suit dancing around...eh, she dances, people turn away, a guy shoots himself....not funny She realizes that nobody likes her so she goes to get a makeover, which spoofs Pimp My Ride( Really good date movie huh...? ) So she gets a liposuction, has a TV installed on her stomach(WTF) gets her tonails cut, etc. She goes on a reality TV show where the man shoots all the other women but her. They meet her parents(in a horrible spoof of Meet the Parents) Basically, a puppet cat goes to the bathroom very loudly for 5 minutes...humps a corpse....nothing funny, by this time, I would have left if my friend wasn't enjoying it ( ) They go to meet his parent (In a HORRIBLE spoof of Meet the Fockers) And very quickly, everyone plays basketball, the woman's dad gets sweat in his mouth from Grant(the guy's) dad(horribly disgusting scene) Grant's mom shoves everyone's faces into her breast...they decide to get engaged and whatnot So eventually, it spirals downward into unfunnyness and crash lands at a COMPLETELY thrown-in-at-the-last-minute scene making fun of King Kong.... Anyways...Don't see it, don't buy it, if you ever get a copy burn it
  2. 1. The Godfather [i+II] 2. Pulp Fiction 3. A Clockwork Orange 4. Goodfellas 5. Contact I know I'm probably missing some all-time powerful ground-breaking film...
  3. No Morgan Freeman OR Vincent Price? Blasphemy! EDIT, I should probably read stuff first
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