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  1. I bought a cool ass pumpkin mask a few years ago. The mouth opens and shit. I can't justify anything new. And by justify I mean convince Jenn to let me buy more dumb shit.
  2. f**k the rules, punk rock, rebel rebel Dottie, it's Red Barchetta. Still so f***ing good.
  3. Me and the wife have been celebrating our 20th anniversary for like three days, and if my past drunken ramblings in this thread didn't give it away...we party. Nahmean lolol. Yeah. Gonna be a random night.
  4. Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London This one doesn't get played out for me.
  5. Grinderswitch - Let the South Wind Blow Southern rock Yes lol
  6. Most remasters kinda suck, but I've always liked the 2004 Rust remaster.
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