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  1. Some pictures of the Geddy that I hhttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v477/rushchick/geddy_live10.jpgad kicking around... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v477/rushchick/040824_lee_geddy_rush_200.jpg ENJOY!!
  2. WOW... Neils' belly..Neils' sexy leg! What a picture to start a Saturday morning with!! GOOD MORNING..makes me wanna go back to sleep and start dreaming!! OF NEIL!!
  3. AND Tears...sorry, I couldn't decide which I liked better Tears is the first "mellow" Rush tune I ever remember hearing, and it has stayed with me ALL these years later. A True CLASSIC!
  4. A Passage to Bangkok! OF COURSE!!
  5. I'm in the minority too..being in the under 40 but over 30 age bracket for the females!! Thats ok...I've just known about Rush LONGER...ha ha! They played at highschools here in Toronto in those days!! AHHH..the good ol' days!
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