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  1. Why all the hate for Eddie? You do realize he's been in the biz for over 35 years....he was the first to play Metallica on the radio. The Metal Show? Geddy was a guest. He has a great show on Volume Sirius XM where he talks about Rock music for 2 hours...he's flying the Rock Flag high. Anyway, you don't have to agree with Ed's top 20, the idea is to spark conversation and maybe create your own list.
  2. I love them. I've honestly never heard anything past the Fish years and probably never will. Steve Rothery is just an amazing guitarist and plays with so much emotion. I would put him in my top 5 for sure.
  3. WOW. Never noticed that but totally got it. My son's asleep so I had to listen quietly but from your post, I knew what to listen for. Pretty cool to me. It's fun being a guitar geek!
  4. The obvious difference between the two is the muddiness and the distortion. A lot of that distortion that people object to on the 2002 release has to do more with the mastering than the mixing. These days, record companies want the CD's as loud as possible (for some reason) which pushes the mastering into using more and more compression. I think it just got away from them in this case.
  5. Agreed. I like this song. As with many songs of this era, I find something interesting about the guitar sound or a particular passage, lyrics or especially a tasty bass line that draws me in. The part during the break down that you referenced is especially cool to me.
  6. This show is about an 80's family. I tuned into this show tonight because they were doing a Breakfast Club tribute thing. I noticed that the 'bad boy' character was wearing Rush T-shirts (at least two that I saw) throughout the show. Nice to see the boys represented.
  7. Hell yeah he did. He held out the "wish that I could do it all again" like crazy and the crowd showed appreciation. The fact is that the guy is 62 (me thinks) years old and can't sing like he did when he was 24 but he's out there giving it his best. Name one singer that in his or her 60's that can sing like they did in their 20's.....
  8. rushfanNlv


    I shop at thrift stores often for my work clothes. Mainly Dockers and Polo's.
  9. Thanks to all for the condolences. Sure is nice to have the support. I find myself wanting to tell everyone that depression is a real sickness and that it should not be dismissed as easily as it is. I was the biggest offender. "What do you mean your depressed? You have a nice house, a car, loving family you don't have to work etc. What is there to be depressed about?". That was the old me. I'm generally a happy go luck person with a sick sense of humor that I often share at inappropriate times :) so it was hard to understand at first. All of you who are going through depression have my sympathy and I hope you STAY ON YOUR MEDS! and see your doctor regularly. Thanks again.
  10. I never understood depression until my wife went through it. I felt so bad for her and tried to help as much as I could. One of my biggest gripes was that when she would take the medicine that was prescribed to her, she was so much better. She was her usual, creative caring self. But due to the side effects, (weight gain & RLS specifically) she would go for months without taking her meds. I miss my wife. She was very sick and she passed early December last year. The depression contributed to her unwillingness to go to the doctor to get the treatment that she needed.
  11. And another thing: if you think Rush has "sold out", then you obviously have no idea (or maybe you have forgotten) what made Rush 'Rush" and why people like me identify with Rush. Rush went against the grain for 30 years until the masses came to them you douche bag.
  12. I heard the commercial in Walmart as I was shopping. I stopped where I was and made a B-Line for the TV department. I was excited that the band that I love, the band that has changed my life was being featured in any way shape or form - especially something from their first album. Just like Narpzilla, I got goosebumps - I was proud. I thought of someone who had never heard Working Man thinking "Wow...that song kicks ass! I wonder who that is?" Anyone who can't see this as a positive thing for they're favorite band (remember.....the band you spend 12 hours a day posting about....must be your favorite right?) is just a douche bag - plain and simple. You wouldn't be happy with the set list if Rush came to play your Birthday Party. If you don't like Walmart, don't work or shop there. Don't hold your dislike for a store against your favorite band.
  13. Thanks. Wow. Really? I've had lots of jobs but, I've never worked a job against my will.....I woner how that would work? Those people must be stupid....
  14. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/rush-walmart-commercial/ Sorry if this has been posted before.
  15. Morning person here. I've worked the 8 to 5ish shift for over 25 years now. What I hate about being a morning person is weekends. I can sleep as late as I want but........I don't. If the sun is up, so am I.
  16. rushfanNlv


    Like all Rush albums, I associate the album with a certain period in my life and as such, I adore Presto, From 89 to around 91, Presto never left the tape deck in my car.
  17. I really like the busy bass line in "Turn The Page" - especially the live version on A Show of Hands. His ability to play that busy bass riff and sing at the same time is amazing IMO. There are many other but that stands out to me for sure.
  18. What's the best way to watch a Katy Perry video? With the volume all the way down. Coudn't agree with you more on all points. It's insane how may people dig pop music and don't care about things like auto-tune or substance in songs.
  19. OK. There were no chemicals, alcohol or weed involved when I heard this. Totally sober and at work. In the beginning of the ESL version of Jacob’s Ladder where Alex and Neil are playing the 50’s riff together, you can hear a fan in the audience shout out “AFLAC” just like the duck on those commercials! Give it a listen and let me know if you year the same thing. It occurs at 25 seconds into the track. That duck’s been around for a while I guess.
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