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  1. Interesting read. I'm surprised they used samples underneath the drums - seems like a bit of unnecessary cheating. I don't feel rock drums are Botrill's strong suit. I like Richard Chycki's mixes except CA tour which was pretty muddy. R40 sounds pretty good to me since I did not like Botrill's Vapor Trails mix. I felt his production skills suited a singer focused approach like his work with Peter Gabriel. In VT Remixed, the vocals were mixed too loud. Too much wet delay and reverb. He squashed the life out of the snare to an inorganic splat, and completely rearranging the vocal parts (secret touch and ceiling unlimited) was annoying.
  2. LOVE the RTB tour version. I miss the galloping pick scraping in the first guitar part like the studio version and old live versions. Did Alex cut corners to save wrist energy? - or maybe they changed it to sound better?! But Geddy's bass playing (and tone) is exponentially better in the new version. As far as guitars, I think his Les Paul's have more balls than the ES-335. YYZ, La Villa and One Little Victory sounded worse with less output from the pickups on the ES-335 live.
  3. Oh, the possibilities...the remixes! http://www.jammit.com/artist/rush
  4. I love the extended intro on that version though. The drums sound nice and loud on that track on the St. Louis '91 show.
  5. I can't stop thinking about this stupid setlist. Overture - (Working Man, Fly By Night, Bastille Day (middle jam section), 2112: Soliloquy, Closer To The Heart, The Trees, Freewill) Tom Sawyer Distant Early Warning Animate New World Man Driven Prime Mover Afterimage or Open Secrets BU2B Cut To The Chase or Peaceable Kingdom Malignant Narcissism (Drum Solo) Jacob's Ladder Caravan The Spirit Of Radio Test For Echo Roll The Bones Ghost Of A Chance The Weapon Mystic Rhythms Headlong Flight - (Drum Solo) Nobody's Hero Xanadu By-Tor & The Snow Dog (Drum Solo) What You're Doing One Little Victory Limelight YYZ
  6. Anyone know who mixed it? Richard Chycki did R30 and Time Machine. Not sure who did S&A Live.
  7. Any Ohioans/Clevelanders going? I'm gonna hit up Cinemark in Valley View.
  8. I agree about the mix. It's a bit muddy and the drums haven't been as up front as I'd like since R30. But Pandora might be streaming at around 96 kbps or something. The vocals aren't as up front as on Time Machine or S&A live - which is fine by me. Geddy's voice, while not as strong as in past years, sounds better a tad lower in the mix. Plus it feels more live that way. Only halfway through the first set so far... They did a good job of segueing the 'different degreeeeeeeeee' part of Grand Designs with the canned backing track. I shuddered a bit when I heard him singing that live on tour.
  9. r/40 I must say, 'R over 40' could fly as a tour name. Going along with the Grace Under Pressure fraction = p/g (30th anniversary of that album next year too)
  10. Rush: r/40 Tour. (R OVER 40) 2112 Overture Distant Early Warning Driven Prime Mover Animate New World Man Chain Lightning Jacob's Ladder How it Is Afterimage or The Weapon Mal Nar Headlong Flight (Drum Solo 1) The Spirit of Radio Hemispheres (Instru-medley) Test For Echo Mystic Rhythms Peaceable Kingdom or Cut To The Chase Ghost of a Chance YYZ (Drum Solo 2) BU2B What You're Doing Limelight One Little Victory (Drum Solo 3) By-Tor & The Snow Dog Tom Sawyer
  11. Maybe not for an anniversary tour but I think 'Distant Early Warning' could be a great show opener. Overdue to play live again: Driven Afterimage Prime Mover Jacob's Ladder Cold Fire Ceiling Unlimited (Wildcards) Deep cuts that stand a good chance live: Open Secrets Chain Lightning Cut To The Chase Peaceable Kingdom How it is
  12. I did a side-by-side comparison in Pro Tools. I ripped the CDs (Presto thru Test For Echo were Atlantic remasters) to compare. Vapor Trails is the same mix, but clearer with more breathing room. You can see the the original CD's wave forms are a solid block with little dynamics. The iTunes remaster fixes this. It's as 'spikey' as it should be with a lot less distortion. Another big difference I noticed was with Presto. It has a bigger aural sound to it - almost like they added a dash of reverb to take away the thinness. It's not over-compressed either, so still dynamic. Snakes and Arrows sounds a bit brighter/bigger too. I didn't think I'd like a remastered S&A because I figured it would either, A: sound exactly the same considering only 6 years have gone by in the audio world or B: would get squashed with more compression. Neither are true. I was a bit disappointed with Roll The Bones though. After the Retro 3 versions of the first 3 tracks, I was expecting something similar, soundwise. Not the case. It's a bit punchier than the Atlantic remaster but not nearly as thick n bassy as the Retro 3 cuts. I get that they probably had to beef up those tracks for smoother transitions between those songs on R3. I mean how do you go from One Little Victory to Dreamline without bumping up the volume and bass? I was hoping for something that sounded more like that. RTB could use a thickening up. Feedback took the VT remaster route. It's more dynamic now with less distortion. Test For Echo is a little less muddy with more distinguishable instruments. Counterparts had the least amount of change IMO. It sounds a tad wider but not a huge difference. (How many audio nerd adjectives can I use?)
  13. http://www.metalmusicarchives.com/images/covers/haiduk-spellbook-20120719133503.jpg Saw a banner ad for this on Blabbermouth. The ad looked just like the CA banner. Also a Canadian band.
  14. (Set 1 - 01:15:00) Hemispheres Intro/Far Cry (easy transition with that Lerxst chord, right?) Prime Mover Driven Red Barchetta The Analog Kid The Trees Carnies The Anarchist Freewill Manhattan Project (strings) Jacob's Ladder (strings) YYZ (strings) (Set 2 - 01:15:00) Caravan BU2B Clockwork Angels Seven Cities of Gold Halo Effect (strings) The Wreckers (strings) Headlong Flight Drum Solo Losing It (strings) 2112 Overture (strings) Xanadu (strings) Limelight (Encore - 00:15:00) Tom Sawyer What You're Doing The Spirit of Radio Total Time - 02:45:00 And yes, the timing works out for each set figuring in the live 'short versions' for the epics. This includes stage banter and downtime. The last couple DVDs were 2h45m long. So 3 hours or so if you count the intermission.
  15. I heard it on the label rep's mix CD of new singles (along with other RR artists) The CD did not leave the rep's possession. I don't think any station has a physical copy yet. Some labels only let radio station programmers hear new tunes thru headphones from THEIR mp3 device at a neutral luncheon location. Can't be too careful these days, I guess.
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