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  1. "Master of Puppets" and it's not even close for me.
  2. Exactly. Cowards supporting a different agenda.
  3. I believe the rally in Boston was white supremacists who are too cowardly to even show their faces.
  4. "I Predict A Riot", Kaiser Chiefs
  5. "you're as sharp as a sock full of soup"
  6. "Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned", The Prodigy
  7. This could also be in the "What Made Your Day" thread but I'll put here instead. Found out there's a new channel called "Freevee" I can get on the Roku and it has the live action and the animated show "Corner Gas." One of my favorite shows and I don't think it's that well known outside of Canada, eh.
  8. I wonder how many here that say "Fear of A Blank Planet" is their favourite PT album is because Lifeson plays on it? It's subjective as is any art but I rate it no better than 4th regardless of who plays any of the music.
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