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  1. Fellow Rush fans, Due to having been tricked by circumstances, I am sad to say that I will be leaving TRF for the time being. This has nothing to do with my love of Rush or the actions of anyone here. It is only because of one small fact about my real-world identity that I would rather not disclose online (and no, I am not secretly Ged or Lerxst). You might have noticed I only post late at night. There is a reason for that. All shall be explained upon my return. Please rest assured I am not in danger and I will return to TRF. RUSH ON, A.M., aka Flavia :rush:
  2. Oh my Ged. That is an AWFUL dream. Aaaaaggghh. That would just be TORTURE. Indeed. Reminds me of the story of 2112. Resistance urgently needed, otherwise there's no hope for us humans. :rush: :rush: :rush: It DOES remind me of 2112. We must resist. Let's blast 2112 at whoever decided that simplification thing.
  3. Oh my Ged. That is an AWFUL dream. Aaaaaggghh. That would just be TORTURE.
  4. https://www.deviantart.com/flaviadraws/poll/Is-Rush-the-best-band-ever-7989851 Okay, I did. But that's not the point. Let's make sure it's permanently on the side of "Rush is the best band ever." Or at the very least, "Rush is good."
  5. Wasn't it "somebody strangling a hamster"? :lol:
  6. All your friends know that when you ask "what kind of music is it," you're really asking "is it prog?"
  7. (morbid humor alert) You haven't been able to eat fish since 2015
  8. I know some Rush fans who might actually live that long.
  9. One hit and a Velvet Underground cover A seven minute song is an epic now Our lead singer left but the record's still good We hate our manager Random unreleased recordings
  10. Guess one would have to pick up a league of gentlemen and a few roches along the way......not to mention a fine session bassist/Stickist and a Bowie/Zappa tour alumni.... Fripp played for the Roches after 1981...although perhaps I don't understand the quote.
  11. When you correct zepphead saying that Fragile comes first :lol:
  12. When you were disappointed by the first book of the Bible
  13. Okay, so this is like the "You know you're a Rush fan when" thread, but for prog bands other than Rush. This ought to be interesting. Here goes. You know you're a prog fan when... You dye your wolfhound purple Your favorite colors are pink and crimson You always put your drink way too "close to the edge" of the table
  14. From "Chemistry": "Two to one Reflection on the water" Okay, okay, this one might be a stretch, but think about it. 2 and 1 and reflections on water. Doesn't that sound like the 2112 album cover? And "2 1" reversed, that is, reflected, is "1 2."
  15. Countdown (Signals) Fugitives at the bedroom door
  16. I'm not sure John helped write any songs on Fly By Night. If I have my facts right, he left the band right around the time the debut was released.
  17. That's pretty deep! I suppose there might be a hundred different ways to be a Rush fan...but if binary code is a factor? Pfffff. Time to re-watch the Dinner With Rush scene, they just want to have fun :) It's the thing from The Body Electric.
  18. All right. Yet another Power Windows lyric, but: Some worldviews are spacious And some are merely spaced I mean, sure, it could just mean spaced out, but think about outer space. If your worldview is merely outer space, it's not a view of the world at all. Just space.
  19. When you don't post in the Rush Lyrics Game thread because you're not going to be the one to make it 1002 replies instead of 1001 replies.
  20. I'm still of the mind that it came down to marketing and societal expectations. Namely people didn't expect women to be fans of loud rock music, so they didn't market it to them. OK, but if Rush was marketed in such a way as to appeal to males more than females, that suggests that there is something about Rush that could be marketed in such a way, which then suggests that gender does play a role. Sure, so with Rush that thing is that they were a loud heavy progressive rock band in the 70s, and people tended to expect that men would enjoy those qualities in music more than women. Probably correctly so, generally speaking. That assumption was (and may still be) likely generally true, particularly if you're talking about young men who are awash in testosterone. The "in your face" quality of early Rush and the themes of rebellion against authority certainly hit me in the right spot when I was awash with testosterone. My girlfriend in HS certainly tolerated my love of Rush, but I know she didn't share it. The music was too aggressive for her and she couldn't really relate to the lyrical themes -- she didn't find "herself" in those sorts of Rush songs, whereas I did. Was she an anomalous female? I don't think she was. I think she was very representative of her gender at that age. I happen to know quite a few high school girls who are huge Rush fans.
  21. Not what I'm saying. It is probably true that there are more male fans than female fans. What I'm saying is that it's sexist to say the reason is that women only like dance music or whatever. Yeah, overall -- GENERALIZATION INCOMING -- many women like to feel romanced by male singers. It's a tradition as old as troubadours in Provence. Ged and Neil emphatically did NOT romance anybody in the vocals. Instead they sang about evil galactic priests, radio waves, and how we gotta deviate from the norm. Maybe it would've been different if they hadn't been married, and actively dating. Regardless, their minds were evidently elsewhere. And guys don't like to be romanced by singers? https://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Straw_man I don't see why that's a straw person argument. Entre_Perpetuo is making a legitimate point.
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