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    Stock market trading, cars (collectible) health, guitar playing, leatherworking, winter sports, Rottweilers, and shoes.

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    Snakes And Arrows
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    The Trees
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    Vapor Trails tour show- I was at the Marysville, California show back in the early 2000s. Had a great time, met nice people.
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    The Eagles, Metallica, Jeff Buckley, Replacements
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  1. Such sad news. We were blessed to know her talent.
  2. Ice cream and having a day off of work. It's the small things that make life wonderful.....
  3. RIP. I read somewhere else that she became disillusioned with the music industry and was living a very private life after her successes in music. Be happy for her, she lived her dreams.
  4. Social media is full of silliness but I am willing to say that the body of work left by Peart and Rush will be so very influential for a long time.
  5. I have to go to work, can another forum member elaborate on this?
  6. Don't have time to track it down but the "did you eat my beans?" meme. Delightful.......
  7. Met a doctor today. He was the coolest. (ER doc, in case you are curious.)
  8. It's the need for proximity to food and human contact. IMO 8 billion is too many, so I am a childfree person.
  9. I believe the word for her is is "heifer" lol
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